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Casa Falpe Cernobbio: Transforming a Historic Villa into a Contemporary Gem

Bright and airy living room with modern furniture, large windows, and lush greenery outside.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Cernobbio, Italy, Casa Falpe is a stunning example of the seamless integration of traditional and contemporary design. Crafted by FALPE Serramenti Porte Tapparelle, this 2020 residential project showcases how windows can frame the breathtaking views of Lake Como, transforming the space into a work of art. The minimalist and linear Oknoplast frames harmoniously blend with the new classic style of this historic villa, while the Garofoli Mirabilia interior doors and 130mm baseboards add a touch of timeless elegance.

Casa B: Lake Orta’s Minimalist Retreat

Minimalist living room with neutral tones, modern furniture, and large windows.

Discover the transformation of a 1960s residential building on Lake Orta’s eastern shore in Italy’s picturesque Piedmont region. Studio Primatesta masterfully reimagined this property into a modern, minimalist haven. Named Casa B, this renovation strips back additions to reveal a simple, flat-roofed structure with a stunning terrace.

Inside, find sleek design elements like a fireplace wall and a kitchen wall in a spacious living room, all framing breathtaking lake views. The serene bedroom areas and a quaint wine cellar with reclaimed boards add to the charm, mirroring the tranquility of Lake Orta and San Giulio Island.

Lake House: Eco-Friendly Design Oasis in the Berkshires

FeaturedModern living room with large windows, green sofa, and dining area.

The Lake House in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, stands as a testament to Pachano & Vollert‘s architectural prowess. Perfectly integrated into a forested lakeside setting, this home not only respects the lush surroundings but also becomes a part of them. Its design, with blackened wood siding and natural elements, ensures the building remains unobtrusive yet captivating.

The interior, arranged across multiple levels, offers serene retreats and communal spaces that embody tranquility and connection with nature. Organic materials and custom-designed elements throughout the home further enhance this sensory and eco-conscious experience.

Lake House: A Modern Refuge Amidst Nature

Lake House: A Modern Refuge Amidst Nature

The Lake House, designed by Infante Arquitectos in Morelia, Mexico, is a 2022 contemporary masterpiece. Perched on a 3-meter negative slope, it seamlessly integrates with its forest and lakeside environment. This house features three levels, each dedicated to different aspects of life, all united by natural light and scenic views. At its core, an olive tree symbolizes the blend of modern architecture with nature, making the Lake House a paragon of innovative and sustainable living.

Valgums: From Unfinished to Unforgettable Lakeside Home

Valgums: From Unfinished to Unforgettable Lakeside Home

Step into Valgums, a transformed lakeside family residence in Latvia, creatively reenvisioned by Zane Tetere-Sulce in 2023.

Merging traditional wooden aesthetics with contemporary features, the home showcases a striking roofline, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an eye-catching ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ facade. Its interior, designed for spacious living and illuminated by natural light, radiates comfort and style, positioning Valgums as an architectural highlight.

Hi Lo: Nature Meets Luxury in Arkansas’s Iconic Lake House Design

FeaturedHi Lo: Nature Meets Luxury in Arkansas’s Iconic Lake House Design

In the heart of Hot Springs, Arkansas, famed for its rejuvenating natural springs, the Hi Lo lake house by John Grable Architects emerges as a haven for relaxation.

Harnessing the raw beauty of local volcanic stone and rhythmic Sinker Cypress, this 2021 creation blurs the lines between nature and dwelling, whilst making notable use of geothermal energy sourced from nearby springs.