Vista House: Innovative Mountain Retreat Design by BLA

The Vista House in North Vancouver, Canada, designed by the BLA Design Group in 2023, showcases a unique architectural approach that seamlessly integrates the home with its picturesque surroundings.

Offering a striking blend of modern design and natural elements, this single-story house nestles gently into the mountainous landscape, creating a harmonious connection between the built and natural environments.

Large, modern living room with wood-paneled ceiling, gray sofa, and glass walls overlooking nature.
Spacious open-concept kitchen with wooden beamed ceiling, large windows, and modern furnishings.
A modern, open-concept kitchen with sleek, dark cabinetry, wooden ceilings, and large windows offering scenic views.
Cozy modern bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, wooden ceiling, and comfortable chair.
A modern bathroom with a large freestanding tub, sleek wooden vanity, and expansive forest views.
A modern bathroom with a wooden ceiling, concrete walls, and a minimalist vanity with ample storage.
Sleek modern bathroom with dark tiled walls, wooden vanity, and black fixtures.
A modern outdoor kitchen with a wood-paneled ceiling, glass railings, and a dining area overlooking a forested landscape.
Striking modern architecture with wooden accents, glass walls, and a curvaceous concrete entrance.
A modern, sleek house with wooden and glass exterior, balcony, and landscaped yard.
A modern, two-story residence with a black exterior, wooden accents, and a balcony overlooking a forested landscape.
A modern home with a mix of wood, concrete, and dark brick accents, surrounded by lush evergreens.
Sleek, contemporary home with warm lighting, surrounded by natural landscape at sunset.

About Vista House

Perched atop a lush, forested hillside in North Vancouver, the Vista House by BLA Design Group embodies a seamless integration of architecture and nature. Designed in 2023, this striking residence defies conventional expectations, appearing as a discreet one-story bungalow from the street level before dramatically revealing its expansive, panoramic interiors.

A Captivating Spatial Journey

The approach to the Vista House is marked by a sense of compression, as visitors descend the curving driveway and pass beneath the large, wooden soffit at the entryway. This intentional design element creates an intriguing interplay of light and shadow, hinting at the architectural drama to come.

Blurring the Lines Between In and Out

Upon entering, the home’s linear layout unfolds to showcase its stunning southern vistas of Stanley Park and the Burrard Inlet. Strategically placed windows frame captivating glimpses of sky and foliage, seamlessly connecting the interior to the surrounding landscape. This seamless transition is further emphasized by a balcony that extends over the sloping terrain, and a cedar ceiling that continues from the interior to the exterior soffit, dissolving the boundary between indoors and out.

Refined, Minimalist Elegance

The home’s material palette is a refined study in contrasts, pairing warm, natural wood tones with sleek, dark-hued accents. In the kitchen, a monolithic island in a dark, stone-like material anchors the space, while a wall of cabinetry in light-toned wood provides ample storage. Pendant lighting and a suite of appliances complete the minimalist, yet highly functional design.

A Serene Sanctuary

Ascending to the upper level, the serene primary suite offers a private retreat with breathtaking views. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors open to a private balcony, fostering a seamless connection to the outdoors. The en-suite bathroom, clad in dark stone tiles, features a freestanding tub positioned to take advantage of the vista, creating a restorative oasis within the home.

Harmonious Integration

The Vista House’s thoughtful design elevates the connection between interior and exterior, blurring the lines between the built environment and the natural world. Through its refined material palette, strategic window placement, and seamless transitions, this striking residence embodies a harmonious integration of architecture and landscape, creating a truly exceptional living experience.

Photography by Andrew Latreille
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- by Matt Watts