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Schlotfeldt Residence: A Corten-Clad Oasis in the Okanagan Valley

FeaturedSchlotfeldt Residence: A Corten-Clad Oasis in the Okanagan Valley

Perched high in the Okanagan valley, the Schlotfeldt Residence, designed by Omar Gandhi Architect in 2021, stands as a testament to industrial design harmonizing with nature. This single-family residence merges with its mountainous terrain, embodying resilience against the harsh elements of fire, wind, and snow. The corten-clad house, resembling a land ship, offers panoramic 270-degree views, showcasing the breathtaking Okanagan valley and surrounding mountains.

West Vancouver Residence by KOArchitecture

FeaturedWest Vancouver Residence by KOArchitecture

Discover the stunning transformation of the West Vancouver Residence, a single-story house located in Vancouver, Canada.

Originally designed by Roland Terry in 1958, this L-shaped home was reimagined by KOArchitecture to cater to contemporary living. The property boasts a central courtyard, tall ceilings, exposed fir tree columns, and expansive glazing, making it the perfect space for homeowners who love entertaining. Enjoy the modern, open design while basking in the natural beauty of Vancouver, a city known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture.