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Brighton House: A Modern Revival of Timeless Charm

FeaturedA modern, white, angled facade with a wooden doorway and patio leading to an interior courtyard.

Brighton House in Brighton, Australia, showcases a thoughtful blend of contemporary and historical architecture. Designed by Figr., this house enhances its classic charm through a sympathetic extension, perfect for family gatherings and retirement living. The project embraces open-plan living, utilizing sustainable materials while preserving original character elements, creating a unique residential experience.

Sabino 10: Maximizing Space on a Narrow Plot in Mexico

Spacious interior with natural lighting, wood accents, and a verdant courtyard view.

Sabino 10 is a captivating residence in Querétaro City, Mexico, designed by Editorial in 2023. This house redefines its spatial boundaries on a narrow plot, maximizing its views while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic through a thoughtful selection of materials, including concrete, wood, and marble.

The floor plan follows an “L” shape layout, encompassing essential areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, and services, with a studio featuring independent access. The arrangement of the three volumes forms a central patio, creating a sense of visual openness throughout the residence.

Apartment A: Designing for a Young Family in Vienna

Minimalist kitchen and dining area with neutral colors, wood furnishings, and large windows.

Nestled in the heart of Vienna, Austria, Apartment A showcases the exceptional design work of destilat Design Studio. This 180 m2 flat in a prestigious old building was carefully remodeled to meet the needs of a young family, even with the challenges of travel restrictions during the pandemic. The design features a palette of subtle natural tones, high-quality sustainable materials, and a thoughtful lighting concept that creates a calming, harmonious atmosphere.

Mawhitipana House: Elevated Auckland Getaway with Panoramic Views

Wooden slatted facade with expansive glass walls and elevated outdoor terrace.

The Mawhitipana House, designed by MacKayCurtis in Auckland, New Zealand, is a stunning 2022 holiday home that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. Situated on a steep, elevated site with sweeping views over Mawhitipana Bay, the house features a long, timber deck that spans the entire width of the narrow lot, strategically placed between the property’s mature Pōhutukawa trees.

The owners’ brief, to maximize sun, views, and outdoor living, is expertly fulfilled by this simple yet elegant design, which places a timber box for sleeping and bathing above the deck, creating a delicate, nature-inspired retreat.

Oceanus: Modernizing a Midcentury Home in Los Angeles

FeaturedSpacious open-concept living room with modern furniture, natural materials, and expansive windows.

Architect Donald Luckenbill, a senior architect at the practice of Paul Rudolph, completed work on Oceanus House, a stunning modernist residence situated atop Mount Olympus in Los Angeles, United States, in 1992.

Good Project Company was tasked with a thoughtful modernization of the property, employing a reductive detailing strategy to emphasize the home’s striking horizontality and the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living areas.

Henry Island Guesthouse: Thoughtful Design for a Remote Retreat

FeaturedA modern, wooden structure nestled in a forested landscape, featuring large windows and a cantilevered roofline.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson‘s Henry Island Guesthouse in San Juan County, Washington, is a thoughtful response to evolving a family retreat on a remote location. This 1,350-square-foot addition to a secluded site in the San Juan Islands offers guests immersion within a remarkable natural environment, with a compact linear form, restrained material selection, and strategies for occupant wellbeing.

Farby Apartment: Eclectic Ukrainian Interior by MAKHNO Studio

FeaturedStylish modern interior with wooden paneling, dark sofa, and unique pendant lighting.

Designed by the renowned MAKHNO Studio, the Farby Apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a captivating two-story family home that seamlessly blends diverse styles and artistic elements. This eclectic apartment, completed in 2020, offers a delightful balance of “adult” sophistication and whimsical charm, catering to the clients’ vision of a space that celebrates both calibration and childlike wonder.

Vista House: Innovative Mountain Retreat Design by BLA

FeaturedLarge, modern living room with wood-paneled ceiling, gray sofa, and glass walls overlooking nature.

The Vista House in North Vancouver, Canada, designed by the BLA Design Group in 2023, showcases a unique architectural approach that seamlessly integrates the home with its picturesque surroundings.

Offering a striking blend of modern design and natural elements, this single-story house nestles gently into the mountainous landscape, creating a harmonious connection between the built and natural environments.