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Red Box: Concrete Elegance in China

Modern terracotta brick building with geometric design and shadows.

Immerse yourself in the architectural marvel of the Red Box, a house designed by Mix Architecture in Nanjing, China. This unique concrete, minimalist home stands out at the foot of the illustrious Red Mountain, enveloped by the serene Hongchuang Park. The Red Box pays homage to its historical and natural surroundings with its distinct red concrete construction, reflecting the area’s rich heritage and the vibrant hues of the landscape.

White House: A Sleek Bangkok Retreat

Modern white house with large windows and a swimming pool.

Explore White House, a modern gem in Bangkok, designed by ACA Architects in 2022. This home, whimsically named by a child, features a timeless, style-agnostic design. Its sleek concrete structure, complemented by large, north-facing glass doors, merges indoor comfort with outdoor serenity. The house, encircled by lush greenery, boasts a shaded terrace and pool as its centerpiece.

The White House stands as a tranquil canvas for family life and joyful gatherings.

Tree House: A Minimalist Retreat in Indiana’s Dunes

Modern cubic house with white facade amidst green trees with red car parked underneath.

Explore the Tree House, dSPACE Studio‘s 2022 creation in Beverly Shores, Indiana, USA. This minimalist vacation retreat, set within the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, offers a harmonious blend with its environment. Its vertical architecture provides stunning views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline, while prioritizing sustainability with features like radiant floor heating and LED lighting.

Experience luxury and eco-conscious design in perfect unison.

Urubici Lodge: A Brazilian Hideaway by Luciano Lerner Basso

Modern forest cabin with large glass windows nestled among pine trees.

Step into Urubici Lodge, a minimalist retreat crafted by Luciano Lerner Basso in the serene highlands of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Designed in 2023, this concrete masterpiece is ideal for couples or as a unique Airbnb getaway. Surrounded by an endangered Araucaria forest, it blends harmoniously with nature, embodying the spirit of contemporary Brazilian architecture. Large glass panels invite the outside in, creating a seamless interaction with the natural landscape.

Urubici Lodge is more than just a retreat; it’s a haven of tranquility and a celebration of modernist design, offering a peaceful escape in southern Brazil’s stunning highlands.

Casa Vao: A Masterclass in Minimalist Spanish Architecture

Modern two-toned house with geometric design and wooden accents.

Explore Casa Vao, LIQE arquitectura‘s two-story house in Vigo, Spain, where modern design meets practicality. Overcoming small plot challenges, it features a unique, compact design that harmonizes indoor and outdoor spaces, emphasizing privacy and natural light. With south-facing living areas, energy-efficient heating, and innovative ventilation, Casa Vao stands as a testament to sustainable, minimalist living in Spain’s picturesque landscape.