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Duplex with Panoramic Terrace: Inside the Chic Naples Home

A bright and modern balcony with lush vertical garden, large windows, and cozy seating.

Discover the Duplex with Panoramic Terrace in Naples, Italy, a masterpiece of modern architecture designed in 2023 by maurizio vesce architettura. This stunning apartment blends minimalist luxury with functional beauty, offering a unique living experience. From its sleek interiors to the lush vertical garden on the terrace, every detail is crafted to enhance urban living.

Casa Pátio: The Art of Utilizing Concrete in Contemporary Homes

FeaturedSpacious open-plan living area with concrete walls, wooden panels, and modern furnishings.

Casa Pátio, designed by Caio Persighini Arquitetura & Design in 2022, stands as a beacon of innovative architecture in Araraquara, Brazil. This house cleverly integrates the unique terrain to offer distinct levels of living space, including a home brewery. With its modern concrete structure and strategic use of brises for privacy, Casa Pátio redefines the luxury residential experience.

Les Rochers: A Blend of Heritage and Modern Design

A modern, minimalist house with a striking triangular roof and large windows overlooking the landscape.

Explore Les Rochers, a stunning house located in Havre-Aubert, Canada, designed by la SHED in 2020. This property is a blend of traditional architecture and contemporary design, offering panoramic sea views and a serene atmosphere. Its use of wood shingles connects it to heritage, while the interior’s modern aesthetic provides guests with luxury and comfort. Experience a unique stay where tradition meets contemporary elegance.

Daarsib Villa: A Serene Getaway Amidst Iran’s Apple Orchards

Sleek, modern architecture with a serene outdoor pool and mountainous backdrop.

Designed by Deed Studio-UAE in 2020, Daarsib Villa stands as a private haven in Damavand, Iran. Nestled within an apple orchard, this villa invites tranquility, reflection, and intimate gatherings. It skillfully combines minimalist design with the natural rhythm of its surroundings, offering sweeping views and a serene atmosphere for residents to connect with nature and themselves.

The Block Bond House: Blending Architecture With Nature

Expansive interior with wooden beams, brick walls, and open kitchen-dining area.

The Block Bond House, designed by Felipe Palacios and Johann Moeller in 2021 in Lumbisi, Ecuador, is a standout example of contemporary house architecture. Merging thoughtful spatial organization with the site’s natural elements, it presents a modern sanctuary for a young family. Its distinct use of exposed brick, steel, and wood underlines the house’s expressive materiality and warm character, while large folding doors blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Pride Rock: Inside the Design Philosophy of Mykonos’ Stunning Summer Home

Modern hillside villa with a pool overlooking the sea.

In the heart of Mykonos, Greece, the Pride Rock Villa by Mykonos Architects emerges as a pinnacle of modern luxury. Designed in 2023, this house combines Mediterranean simplicity with sophisticated engineering. It offers breathtaking views across three iconic beaches and towards distant islands, embodying a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Ideal for those seeking an unparalleled summer residence, Pride Rock sets a new standard in design and comfort.

Casa Akai: Unveiling Luxury Beachfront Living in Punta Mita

FeaturedLuxurious seaside infinity pool with thatched pavilion and lounge chairs.

Discover the allure of Casa Akai, a beach house masterpiece designed by Joaquin Homs, nestled in Punta de Mita, Mexico. This 2023 creation within the prestigious La Punta Estates blends architectural grace with innovative design, providing breathtaking ocean views and luxury across 1800 square meters. Casa Akai represents the pinnacle of oceanfront living, featuring unique spaces like game rooms and home theatres, and striking views from every angle.