Ennea: Immersive Oasis in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Ennea, a captivating nine-room hotel designed by Jaque Studio, is nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This 2023 project, situated just two blocks from the renowned Punta Zicatela beach, is molded by the site’s physical and climatic conditions, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.

The hotel’s architectural proposal, featuring three distinct volumes, seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature reserve, offering guests expansive ocean views and a connection to the region’s distinctive vegetation and materials.

Serene tropical resort with thatched-roof structures, pool, and lush greenery.
A cozy, rustic dining area with a high-pitched thatched roof, wooden furniture, and lush greenery.
A rustic outdoor living space with a thatched roof, wooden walls, and a striped sofa.
A modern, minimalist interior with a spiral staircase, natural materials, and potted plants.
Cozy covered patio with lush greenery, wooden furniture, and a ceiling fan creating a serene ambiance.
Cozy covered outdoor living area with rustic wooden architecture, natural materials.
Expansive view from a warm, rustic bedroom with wood paneling and woven decor.
Rustic bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, wood furnishings, and lush outdoor view.
Rustic wooden cabin interior with large framed artwork, cozy bed, and access to outdoor balcony.
The image depicts a minimalist bathroom with a stone tub, wooden paneling, and a suspended showerhead.
Stone walls, straw-like decorative elements, and an interior staircase create a rustic ambiance.
Wooden pavilion with pool, modern rustic decor and tropical foliage.

About Ennea

Nestled in the heart of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, the Ennea project by Jaque Studio is a true marvel of design. Situated just two blocks from the renowned Punta Zicatela beach, this nine-room hotel embraces its unique location.

A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Architecture

The project’s elevated position and proximity to a nature reserve create a serene atmosphere, inviting guests to disconnect from the everyday. Ennea’s architectural proposal consists of three main volumes, strategically positioned to generate a microclimate that opens up to the surrounding landscape.

A Warm Welcome and Gradual Transition

The first volume, a double-height reception area, acts as a small temple of welcome. This space facilitates a gradual transition from the street to the hotel’s lush gardens, restaurant, and guest rooms.

The Grand Palapa and Panoramic Views

The second volume is the grand palapa, situated on the second level parallel to Punta Zicatela beach. Supported by exposed concrete columns, this structure allows for cross-ventilation and offers panoramic views of the central garden, pool, nature reserve, and the vast Pacific Ocean.

Shaded Oasis and Seamless Integration

The third volume, a rectangular prism with an open, social ground floor and two upper levels of guest rooms, is positioned to take advantage of the reserve and sea views. The ground floor functions as a shaded extension of the gardens and pool area, providing a comfortable respite from the midday heat.

Embracing the Local Aesthetic

The material palette of Ennea aims to emulate the textures, colors, and materials of the region, using exposed finishes, woods, stones, and local fabrics. In essence, the project is perceived as an oasis within the growing coastal city of Puerto Escondido, offering guests a tranquil retreat surrounded by the natural beauty of the area.

Photography by César Belio
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- by Matt Watts