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Casa Bautista: Blending Modernism and Mayan Influences in Oaxaca

FeaturedA tropical resort with a wooden boardwalk, surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking the sea.

Situated in the heart of Oaxaca City, Mexico, Casa Bautista is a sustainable, contemporary private villa designed by the renowned architecture studio Productora. Facing the Caribbean Sea in the UNESCO-protected Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, this 300-square-meter, L-shaped house masterfully merges with the surrounding landscape, offering a serene and immersive experience for discerning travelers.

Inspired by Brazilian modernism and the Surrealist gardens of Edward James, Casa Bautista‘s brutalist character and personalized service create a true sense of relaxation and comfort.

Tiny House: Cozy & Sustainable Living in Valle de Bravo

FeaturedA modern, elevated wooden house with large windows and a spacious deck in a natural setting.

Designed by Weber Arquitectos, the Tiny House retreat in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, embodies a minimalist and efficient approach to modern living. This 2022 project, conceived as a rest house with a limited budget and construction timeline, showcases the innovative use of modular design and precast structures to create a tranquil oasis in the heart of the surrounding forest. With a focus on maximizing the limited square footage, the Tiny House prioritizes the public areas while efficiently accommodating private spaces, integrating seamlessly with the natural landscape.

CX House: Sleek Modernist Redesign in Mexico City

FeaturedA spacious, warmly-lit living room with a wooden ceiling and floor-to-ceiling shelving.

Designed by the esteemed Mexican architecture firm Weber Arquitectos, the CX House in Mexico City’s Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood undergoes a remarkable transformation. This 2022 residential project seamlessly blends modern design with the homeowners’ artistic sensibilities, creating a harmonious living space that caters to both daily family life and entertaining guests.

28.0855: Blending Mexican Vernacular and Japanese Aesthetics

A rustic stone entryway with a modern wooden doorway, surrounded by lush landscaping.

Tucked away in the lush Tapalpa highlands of Mexico, the captivating 28.0855 house by Van Van Atelier seamlessly blends traditional Mexican and Japanese design elements. This multifunctional retreat offers a serene oasis of rest and contemplation, where inhabitants experience a direct connection with nature and water. Featuring a harmonious interplay of stone walls, curved accents, and tranquil water features, the project showcases a thoughtful, sustainable approach that honors its picturesque surroundings.

Casa Tropical: Jaque Studio’s Eco-Friendly Home in Mexico

FeaturedElegant resort-style architecture with a tranquil pool and lounging areas amidst lush greenery.

Designed by Jaque Studio, Casa Tropical is a captivating house located in Tulum, Mexico, that exemplifies the region’s lush, tropical beauty. Completed in 2022, the single-level residence harnesses the site’s natural features, including a central water body and towering tropical foliage, to create a harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience. Featuring a distinctive “L-shaped” layout, the house is oriented to maximize natural light and cross-ventilation, while also offering panoramic views of the surrounding jungle.

Jungle Keva: Boutique Eco-Luxury in Tulum

Secluded tropical retreat with modern wooden architecture, pool, and lush greenery.

Situated in the lush Mayan jungle of Tulum, Mexico, Jungle Keva is a boutique hotel designed by Jaque Studio in 2019. This small, five-lodge property seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, preserving 70% of the existing vegetation and using local, low-maintenance materials to create a warm, rustic atmosphere. Featuring a double-height main room, mezzanine, and indoor-outdoor bathrooms, the lodges are designed to connect guests intimately with the stunning jungle landscape.

Bruma Tulum: Jaque Studio’s Bioclimatic Villas in Mexico

A minimalist kitchen interior with wooden shelves, a concrete countertop, and a ceiling fan.

Bruma Tulum, a four-unit housing complex in the lush forests of Tulum, Mexico, showcases Jaque Studio‘s masterful blend of modern design and sustainable living. Completed in 2021, this residential project prioritizes privacy and a seamless connection with the natural surroundings, offering each villa its own garden and pool.

The architectural solution strategically positions the units to preserve as much open space as possible, with a mix of single-story and two-story designs that maximize efficiency and privacy. Embracing the region’s cultural identity, the project incorporates locally sourced materials and construction techniques, minimizing the ecological footprint while providing a warm, Caribbean-inspired ambiance.