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Ayamonte: Where Personalized Design Meets Natural Splendor

FeaturedAyamonte: Where Personalized Design Meets Natural Splendor

Welcome to an exploration of Ayamonte, a stunningly contemporary residence nestled in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. This architectural marvel, designed by the innovative Estudio Banuet, presents a seamless harmony of spacious, well-lit interiors, lush vegetation, and personalized spaces, with an appealing backdrop of the Bosque de la Primavera.

Step inside this family-oriented home and appreciate the aesthetic blend of diverse design elements, innovative use of light and texture, and the unique allure of the surrounding mountains mirrored in a captivating water feature. Experience the grace of artfully curated spaces, where every room tells a story, every corner exudes comfort, and the majesty of nature is never more than a glance away.

Casa Paakal: A 20th Century House Reinvented for Contemporary Living

FeaturedCasa Paakal: A 20th Century House Reinvented for Contemporary Living

Discover Casa Paakal, a masterpiece of architectural restoration nestled in the heart of Mérida, Mexico’s oldest Santiago neighborhood. Ingeniously redesigned by Workshop: Diseño y Construcción in 2022, this early 20th-century house gracefully interweaves historic charm with contemporary design elements.

From its high-ceilinged corridors and custom floor patterns to the innovative incorporation of new materials, Casa Paakal effortlessly marries the old and the new. Experience the house’s unique allure where past and present converge, creating captivating spaces that respect Mérida’s rich history while embracing modern living.

La Peña House: A Tranquil Blend of Modern Design

FeaturedLa Peña House: A Tranquil Blend of Modern Design

In the tranquil heart of La Peña, Valle de Bravo, Mexico, nestled between the panoramic expanse of Miguel Alemán Dam and the iconic Peña, rests the sublime La Peña House. Designed by Central de Arquitectura in 2021, this inspiring home marries the organic charm of red brick with a modern design sensibility, all while paying homage to the quintessential characteristics of Mexico’s famed Magic towns. With unique spaces unfolding like a well-kept secret, it presents an irresistible allure, where open baroque nature flirts with modern simplicity, and breathtaking lake views are but a glance away.

Casa AYG: A Testament to Sustainable Architecture

Casa AYG: A Testament to Sustainable Architecture

Nestled amidst the verdant splendor of Mexico City, Casa AYG epitomizes harmonious living with nature. This concrete structure, envisioned by celebrated designer Miguel de la Torre mta+v in 2022, respects the land’s inherent qualities while delivering a streamlined functionality.

Comprising four distinct levels and a meticulously designed perimeter garden, this sanctuary blurs the lines between indoor living and the outdoors. By subtly integrating typical materials with innovative design elements, Casa AYG minimizes environmental impact, illustrating the future of sustainable residential architecture.

Penthouse Brasilia: A Contemporary Masterpiece in Mexico

FeaturedPenthouse Brasilia: A Contemporary Masterpiece in Mexico

Introducing Penthouse Brasilia, a contemporary home nestled within one of Mexico City’s most exclusive residential compounds. This masterpiece, designed by Taller David Dana in 2022, showcases a timeless aesthetic that exudes character and identity.

Harnessing natural light, this design spotlights the interplay between luxurious materials like marble and natural wood, and the warmth of select fabrics and leathers. Unique features such as intricately crafted woodwork, immersive lighting, and an exquisite painting by Juan Carlos Manjarrez, amplify the allure of this exclusive penthouse.

Experience an elevated sense of living amidst spacious, interconnected spaces and fine architectural elements in this breathtaking Mexico City penthouse.

Dcó House: The Art Deco Masterpiece Revitalized in Mérida

Dcó House: The Art Deco Masterpiece Revitalized in Mérida

Welcome to the magnificent Dcó House. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated charm of this revitalized 1930s art deco home, nestled in the vibrant heart of Mérida, Mexico. This unique architectural project by Taller Estilo Arquitectura masterfully merges original art deco features with contemporary elements, conjuring an alluring atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.

Rich textures, symmetrical design, and a playful palette breathe life into the space, offering an intimate glimpse into the city’s rich artistic legacy. Join us as we journey through this charismatic abode, from the inviting olive-green entrance to the serene patio-view master bedroom.

Casa Relo: A Two-Story House with a Heart in Mérida

Casa Relo: A Two-Story House with a Heart in Mérida

Nestled in the heart of Mérida, Mexico, Casa Relo is a masterstroke of residential design by Arkham Projects. This two-story house, built in 2021, is a sublime exploration of intimacy, striking a delicate balance between privacy and curiosity.

From the outside, Casa Relo presents a solid, introspective facade, but the true essence of the house is revealed upon entering. The property is punctuated by two interior patios, each serving as a vibrant lifeline that breathes life into the surrounding spaces. The design of Casa Relo is a testament to the power of contrast, with its discreet exterior giving way to an expressive, emotion-filled interior that is deeply connected to nature.

Casa Camila: Dionne Arquitectos’ Sustainable Retreat in Mexico

Casa Camila: Dionne Arquitectos’ Sustainable Retreat in Mexico

Nestled on the slopes of the majestic Iztaccihuatl volcano, Casa Camila is a testament to the harmonious fusion of architecture and nature. Designed by the renowned Dionne Arquitectos, this country house serves as a tranquil retreat for a family of five, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The house, spread over a sprawling 10,000m2 plot, is thoughtfully oriented to offer breathtaking views of the volcano from every corner, fostering a continuous interaction with the outdoors.

Casa Camila is not just a house, but an experience. Its unique design features different sections including a guard house, the main country house, and a loft, each boasting distinct geometries and materials that lend a unique personality to the facades. The house is also a testament to sustainable living, equipped with water collection systems, sewage treatment, solar heaters, and solar energy, ensuring minimal environmental impact.