Villa Sawah: Sustainable Family Living in Balikpapan

Embracing the lush landscapes of Balikpapan, Indonesia, Villa Sawah stands as the inaugural project of Stilt Studios‘ Family Village. This house, designed in 2024, redefines family living with its bespoke approach, emphasizing shared spaces and fostering a nurturing community environment. Crafted with high-quality materials, including teak, bengkirai, and marble, Villa Sawah exemplifies sophistication and comfort, offering 255 sqm of living space with breathtaking rice field views.

Rustic wooden house with covered patio, swimming pool, and lush tropical landscape.
Modern, wood-paneled home with open floor plan, covered patio, and swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery.
Rustic wooden cabin with loungers, pool, and lush tropical landscaping.
An open-plan dining and living area with a wooden, slatted ceiling and furniture.
Cozy living room with wooden walls, high ceilings, and large sliding glass doors overlooking a pool.
Bright, modern cabin interior with wood paneling, large windows, and stylish furnishings.
Modern, cozy living room with warm wood paneling, plush seating, and minimalist decor.
Well-appointed interior with wood-paneled walls, exposed beams, and a cozy seating area.
A cozy, wood-paneled dining room with a circular pendant light and minimalist furnishings.
Warm, wooden kitchen and dining area with pendant lighting and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Cozy kitchen with warm wood tones, shelves, and minimal yet stylish decor.
Cozy, wood-paneled bedroom with large sliding glass doors overlooking lush vegetation.
Contemporary wooden structure with inviting outdoor living space, pool, and landscaping.

About Villa Sawah

Nestled within the lush landscapes of Canggu, Villa Sawah emerges as the pioneering villa of Stilt Studios’ visionary Family Village project. This innovative residential concept redefines family living, emphasizing community spaces and fostering a nurturing environment. By seamlessly blending sustainable design and functionality, Villa Sawah sets a new standard for family-oriented architecture.

Sophisticated Craftsmanship and Expansive Living

Exuding sophistication and comfort, Villa Sawah showcases the expert craftsmanship of Stilt Studios. Encompassing 255 square meters (2,744 square feet) of total living space, the villa boasts high ceilings, expansive outdoor areas, and breathtaking views of the surrounding rice fields. The harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience is enhanced by an extensive decking area that seamlessly integrates with the interior.

Adaptable Spaces for Versatile Family Living

The villa comprises two distinct buildings, offering unparalleled privacy and versatility. The main structure houses a master bedroom, children’s bedrooms, and an open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area. Meanwhile, the secondary building features a guest bedroom, an office, and a flexible space that can be tailored to suit various family needs, such as an indoor yoga area, a TV room, or additional living space.

Embracing Sustainability and Smart Technology

Consistent with Stilt Studios’ commitment to sustainability, Villa Sawah incorporates prefabricated building elements and responsibly sourced materials, including teak, bengkirai, and marble. The villa’s modular design, based on a 3×3 meter (10×10 feet) system, optimizes construction efficiency and reduces waste, lowering the overall carbon footprint. Furthermore, the villa is equipped with a smart home system that monitors energy usage and ensures high-level thermal insulation, achieving a 30% increase in energy efficiency and a 78% reduction in embodied carbon.

Harmonizing Nature and Modern Living

Villa Sawah’s architectural design seamlessly integrates with the natural environment, promoting cross-ventilation and reducing reliance on artificial cooling systems. This emphasis on sustainable design not only contributes to environmental stewardship but also enhances the residents’ overall well-being, ensuring a luxurious and harmonious living experience.

Photography by Willem Keuppens
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- by Matt Watts