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BGH House: Balancing Function and Comfort in an Inviting Home

Striking modern home with dramatic exterior lighting and sleek architectural features.

Designed by the renowned e.Re Studio Architects, the captivating BGH House stands tall in Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia. This stunning 2024 residential project showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and thoughtful spatial planning, seamlessly integrating with its lush, tree-lined surroundings. With a focus on balancing the interplay of light, materiality, and volume, the BGH House offers a modern living experience that is both functional and visually distinct.

Residence Mr Yanto: Inside Jakarta’s Dual-Use Property Design

Spacious living room with sleek modern furnishings, wood paneling, and distinctive lighting.

Residence Mr Yanto, designed by Manna Interior in 2023, exemplifies dual functionality in Jakarta, Indonesia. This contemporary house/office blend showcases a seamless transition from cozy, private areas to dynamic, professional spaces, making it an epitome of modern living and professional elegance. Perfect for balancing business engagements with personal comfort.

Jardin House: A Modern Oasis Seamlessly Merging Nature and Urban Living

FeaturedA modern interior with wooden paneling, glass walls, and a lush greenery backdrop.

Explore Jardin House in Bandung City, a remarkable project by Patio Livity designed in 2023. This house exemplifies modern architecture’s fusion with nature, boasting a unique split-level layout for enhanced privacy and dynamic space utilization. With its sustainable features and a stunning central garden, Jardin House redefines luxurious urban living.

Grande House: Harmonizing Nature and Design for a Chic, Eco-Friendly Home

Contemporary house with geometric lines and warm lighting at dusk.

Discover the allure of Patio Livity‘s Grande House in Bandung, Indonesia. This private house, designed in 2023, showcases a unique blend of architectural innovation and sustainability. The design by Patio Livity strikes a harmonious balance between openness and seclusion, utilizing creative solutions for privacy, natural ventilation, and solar control.

Maine Coon House’s Innovative Design: Perfect for Every Family Member

FeaturedModern multi-level house with large windows and a car parked outside.

Introducing the Maine Coon House, a 2023 creation by Patio Livity in Jakarta, Indonesia. This private house uniquely caters to each family member’s preferences, blending functionality with personal style. From ample storage solutions to specific automotive-themed areas and cozy contemplative spaces, this residence showcases a sophisticated blend of design elements tailored to enhance living experiences.

Halo House: Redefining Contemporary Barn Living

FeaturedModern house with geometric design and illuminated interiors at dusk.

Discover the Halo House in Semarang, Indonesia, a masterpiece of contemporary barn design by Tamara Wibowo Architects. Built in 2022, this unique home celebrates the harmony between architecture and nature, utilizing the Shou Sugi Ban technique for a durable, termite-resistant, and fireproof exterior. Inside, its design caters to a young family, prioritizing natural light, air, and allergy-friendly materials.

The Halo House offers a tranquil retreat, embodying a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living with a design that’s both innovative and responsive to its inhabitants’ needs.

The Anthracite House: A Vision of Modern Elegance

The Anthracite House: A Vision of Modern Elegance

The Anthracite House, a two-story detached home in Indonesia, is a testament to modern, contemporary design by K2LD Architects.

Crafted in 2022, this architectural gem merges elegance with functionality, offering a serene retreat for its inhabitants. Its unique metallic dark grey exterior and integration with the landscape make it not just a dwelling but a sanctuary, especially suited for a family with a globetrotting member. This home epitomizes the seamless blend of indoor luxury and outdoor tranquility.