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Energy Efficient Home Renovation: Sustainable Design in RI

A modern bedroom with a patterned blue feature wall, wooden beams, and large windows.

A4 Architecture + Planning‘s energy-efficient home renovation in Providence, RI, United States, exemplifies the future of sustainable living. Designed in 2020, this residential project showcases innovative design strategies that seamlessly blend energy efficiency, modern aesthetics, and functional living spaces.

With a focus on reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing occupant comfort, this renovation sets a new standard for eco-conscious home design in the region.

Villa Sawah: Sustainable Family Living in Balikpapan

Rustic wooden house with covered patio, swimming pool, and lush tropical landscape.

Embracing the lush landscapes of Balikpapan, Indonesia, Villa Sawah stands as the inaugural project of Stilt Studios‘ Family Village. This house, designed in 2024, redefines family living with its bespoke approach, emphasizing shared spaces and fostering a nurturing community environment. Crafted with high-quality materials, including teak, bengkirai, and marble, Villa Sawah exemplifies sophistication and comfort, offering 255 sqm of living space with breathtaking rice field views.

Pre-fab House by ON-A: Modular Timber Structure and BIM Application

Modern architectural design featuring floor-to-ceiling glass, sleek copper panels, and a swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery.

This striking pre-fab house, designed by Barcelona-based firm ON-A in 2016, offers a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and energy-efficient construction. Situated in the residential area of San Cugat, the project utilizes modular, prefabricated wooden structures and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to maximize views of the surrounding forest and golf course landscape.

Boasting a transparent, open-plan layout, the two-story home features a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces, including a pool and expansive terrace.

House with an Eye: Sustainable and Efficient Zurich Expansion

Cozy home library with circular window, wooden shelves, and vibrant red chair.

Studio Anna Jach‘s House with an Eye in Zurich is an exceptional renovation project that blends sustainable construction, energy-efficient solutions, and innovative design.

Commissioned by a small family, this Swiss architectural marvel features an interactive pine wood facade with dynamic shutters that control natural light. The rear facade further captivates with a programmed 3D shadow relief, creating a mesmerizing interplay between the building and its surroundings.

Zosia’s House: A Modern Take on Single-Family Living in Gdańsk

A modern kitchen with a yellow storage unit, wood-paneled ceiling, and open layout.

Designed by the architects of IFA Group, Zosia’s House in Gdańsk, Poland offers a compelling fusion of modern design and functional living. This single-family residence, completed in 2022, showcases a thoughtful approach to spatial organization and material selection, creating a harmonious and comfortable living environment. The project’s focus on natural hues, minimalist aesthetics, and strategic window placement highlights the architects’ commitment to balancing energy efficiency and visual appeal.

Casa PO: Blending Modern and Rustic in a 1970s Villa Makeover

Modern dining room with wooden table, orange chairs, and colorful decor.

Casa PO in Treviso, Italy, stands as a testament to sustainable renovation by Italianbark Studio. This energy-efficient transformation of a 1970s villa marries modern design with rustic Italian charm. The project showcases a clever use of space, embracing natural light and local materials, while boasting eco-friendly practices. The redesign features unique color schemes, innovative layouts, and thoughtful integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces, setting a new standard for contemporary countryside living.