Chalet Jelovac: Blending Architecture with Nature’s Seasons

Chalet Jelovac, designed by STUDIO SYNTHESIS architecture & design in 2017, stands as a prime example of seamlessly blending architecture with nature in Kolašin, Montenegro. This chalet serves as a multi-purpose family house, emphasizing a strong integration with its surrounding landscape and showcasing innovative, energy-efficient design.

A rustic wooden barn with a pitched roof nestled in an autumnal landscape, surrounded by a wooden fence.
A rustic cabin with an angular roof, wooden facade, and a fence surrounding the property.
A modern cabin-style house with a striking black exterior and rustic wood accents.
Minimalist living room with large sectional sofa, wire chairs, and wood-paneled walls.
Minimalist living room with large windows overlooking lush greenery, modern lamp, and framed artwork.
A modern kitchen with a wooden feature wall, black cabinets, and a large dining table.
Bright, modern room with wooden stairs, mirrored closets, and natural light.
Rustic bathroom with large freestanding tub, wooden paneled walls, and recessed lighting.
A cozy wooden interior with a patio and mountain view, showcasing clean architectural lines.
Striking architectural details with contrasting wood and slate siding, creating a modern aesthetic.
Modern cabin with black tiles, wooden accents, and large windows offering scenic views.
A two-story black tiled house with a wooden fence in a rural setting.

About Chalet Jelovac

Discover the Harmony of Architecture and Nature

Nestled in Kolašin, Montenegro, Chalet Jelovac emerges as an architectural marvel designed by STUDIO SYNTHESIS architecture & design. This family retreat, harmoniously integrated into the sensitive landscape near Park Forest in Dulovine Village, thrives at an elevation of 3280 ft (1000 m). Its location near the unspoiled Biogradska Gora National Park and a botanical garden amplifies its appeal, making it a coveted destination for modern architecture enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Innovative Design for Year-Round Enjoyment

With the aim of creating a profound connection between the built environment and natural world, Chalet Jelovac showcases a compact form with a striking black roof that seamlessly blends into the terrain. The use of “lučevine” wood for the facade and adaptable shutters enhances the chalet’s aesthetic, allowing it to mimic the appearance of a “haystack” in winter when closed. This design choice not only elevates the visual appeal but also contributes to the chalet’s energy efficiency.

A Sanctuary for Creative Work and Leisure

Spanning approximately 3229 sq ft (300 m²) across four levels, the chalet supports a dynamic fusion of functions. The basement and attic are dedicated to creative and research activities, featuring spaces for an atelier, library, and workshops. The main living areas, including a spacious living room with large glazed surfaces, a kitchen, and dining area, are located on the ground floor, promoting seamless indoor-outdoor living. This design not only facilitates socialization but also allows for an immersive experience of the landscape through “framed” views in the thematic rooms on the first floor.

Embracing Sustainability and Multifunctionality

Chalet Jelovac stands as a testament to sustainable design, achieving energy efficiency through thick timber and aluminum walls coupled with a sophisticated heating and cooling system. This ensures a comfortable stay regardless of the season while minimizing environmental impact. The chalet’s multifunctional spaces cater to both personal leisure and educational initiatives, depicting the architect’s vision of a building that continuously evolves in its purpose and significance.

In crafting Chalet Jelovac, STUDIO SYNTHESIS architecture & design has realized a living space where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor blur, fostering a deep connection with nature and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Photography courtesy of STUDIO SYNTHESIS architecture & design
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- by Matt Watts