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House in Villette: Inside the Concrete Enigma of Swiss Design

A modernist concrete residential complex with wood accents and lush surrounding greenery.

Introducing the House in Villette, designed by Charles Pictet Baptiste Broillet Architectes Associés in Thônex, Switzerland. Completed in 2022, this house redefines modern living with its minimalist design, thoughtfully integrating nature with its interiors and exteriors. Overlooking the verdant Arve valley, every element—from the strategic placement to the use of natural light—accentuates its stunning architecture and connection to the surrounding landscape.

Courtyard House: Revolutionizing Suburban Family Living in Mill Valley

Contemporary glass-walled home with open-concept living space, wood deck, and modern furnishings.

The Courtyard House in Mill Valley, California, designed by Michael Hennessey Architecture in 2023, exemplifies a thoughtful renovation of a suburban home. Tailored for a young family, it marries the past with the present, and indoor spaces with the surrounding landscapes, showcasing an open floor plan and a central courtyard that enrich family life and interaction with nature.

Saramagal House: A New Vision for Suburban Lisbon Living

Saramagal House: A New Vision for Suburban Lisbon Living

Designed by estúdio AMATAM in 2022, Saramagal House stands as a modern marvel in Odivelas, Portugal. This innovative residential project transforms a steep, corner lot into a harmonious blend of architecture and landscape, featuring terraced volumes that maximize views over Lisbon. Its white and grey exterior contrasts beautifully with walnut wood interiors, offering both visual appeal and practicality for a family home.

Villa Mandragora: Where Modern Design Embraces Natural Beauty

Distinctive stone facade, sleek glass windows, and inviting entry point create modern aesthetic.

Discover Villa Mandragora, designed by Studio Synthesis in 2020, a stunning family summer villa nestled in Kotor, Montenegro. This house exemplifies the perfect integration with the Boka Kotorska Bay landscape, featuring an airy design on a sloping terrain, complete with expansive terraces and thoughtful material contrasts, embodying contemporary luxury in harmony with nature.

Homestead: Birdseye’s Vision of Lakefront Living in South Hero

Homestead: Birdseye’s Vision of Lakefront Living in South Hero

Discover Homestead, a Birdseye-designed house located in the pastoral setting of South Hero, Vermont, USA. Crafted in 2021, this single-story house blends seamlessly with its landscape, offering a unique connection to Lake Champlain. Delve into its design that mirrors the agrarian typology, optimized for lake views and integrated with sustainable features for enhanced living comfort.