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Hotel in Kamari: A Modern Take on Traditional Greek Hotel Design

A serene contemporary courtyard with a rectangular pool surrounded by minimalist architecture.

Explore the exquisite Hotel in Kamari, designed by Kapsimalis Architects in Greece. Set against the stunning backdrop of both the sea and Prophet Ilias mountain, this 2023 architectural endeavor blends modernism with traditional Greek elements. The hotel boasts an inviting atrium centered around a transforming water element, enhancing the serene Mediterranean atmosphere. Experience luxury where simplicity and elegance meet functionality in this premier holiday retreat.

House CLT01: Blending Functionality with Natural Beauty

A modern wooden cabin structure with a steep gable roof and concrete foundation, set amid pine trees.

House CLT01, designed by Atelier AMASA in 2023, is a remarkable embodiment of modern architecture nestled in Barcelonnette, France. This house uniquely integrates with its natural surroundings, preserving local tree clusters while offering stunning views of the adjacent peaks. The design utilizes contemporary methods to enhance both functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a perfect sanctuary that brings the outdoors inside throughout the seasons.

Retreat: Exploring a Nature-Forward Home in Ontario

Spacious living area with large windows, fireplace, and minimalist furniture.

Reflect Architecture unveils Retreat, a nature-centric house nestled in Caledon, Canada. Designed in 2023, this 1,600 sq ft (149 sq m) residence harmoniously integrates into a 1.5-acre (0.61-hectare) forested terrain. The design facilitates sustainable living with a focus on solar efficiency and ingress to natural settings. Retreat embodies a modern architectural strategy with its unique C-shaped layout, enhancing both privacy and panoramic views, while efficiently connecting its occupants with the surrounding landscape.

Wine Country Barn: A New Standard in Wine Country Living

Spacious outdoor patio with a modern wooden structure, featuring an open-air kitchen and dining area.

Discover the remarkable Wine Country Barn, a unique house situated in Healdsburg, United States, designed by Malcolm Davis Architecture in 2024. This project beautifully marries modern architectural techniques with traditional rustic elements, reflecting the distinctive wine country setting. Enjoy a glimpse into this serene retreat, where sustainable design principles and local materials ensure it complements its natural surroundings, offering an ideal weekend getaway rich in style and comfort.

CAN BAU: An Eternal Summer Residence in Costa Blanca

Rustic outdoor lounge with thatched roof, pool, and lush garden view.

Discover CAN BAU, a finalist in the prestigious Architecture Prizes, designed by Viraje Arquitectura in 2023. Located in Moraira, Spain, this house is a summer haven for three families, embodying serenity and an eternal summer vibe. With a design that blends traditional materials and modern aesthetics, CAN BAU offers a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience, set against the backdrop of Costa Blanca’s stunning landscapes.

Favai Hills: Discover Unique Lake Garda Living Spaces

A modern, multi-level stone and wooden structure nestled in a lush, hilly forest landscape.

Favai Hills by Bergundtal redefines eco-luxury living in Garda, Italy. This unique house, veering away from traditional glass and concrete, utilizes natural materials like red Verona marble and incorporates advanced eco-friendly features. Each apartment’s distinct design harmoniously blends historic elements with modern touches, offering privacy and tranquility amidst breathtaking views of Lake Garda.

Smart Casual: Exploring Latvia’s Nature-Inspired Private House

FeaturedA modern black cabin nestled in a vibrant autumn garden, with glass walls and a rustic path.

Explore Smart Casual, a private house by Labs Dizains in Cēsis, Latvia, envisioned in 2023. This modern home seamlessly blends nature with innovative architecture and interior design. With three levels following the terrain’s contours and large windows inviting sunlight, the design emphasizes open spaces and natural materials. The heart of the house, a cozy fireplace, connects kitchen, living areas, and an outdoor hot tub, creating a perfect harmony between indoor comfort and the beauty of the Gauja valley.

EHB: How Artistry and Architecture Elevate Culinary Experiences

Elegant dining room with intricate marble paneling, modern lighting, and plush seating.

EHB, designed by Chris Shao Studio in 2023, masterfully combines history, nature, and modernity into a singular hotel experience in Shanghai, China. Drawing inspiration from Chef Esben Holmboe Bang’s culinary philosophy, this project blends the rich botanical heritage of China with sleek Scandinavian design, creating a luxurious yet naturalistic environment. Nestled in the historical French Concession, EHB is a testament to refined elegance and architectural innovation.