Pavilion in the Garden: Seamless Integration of Nature and Architecture

Designed by the renowned architecture firm spaceworkers, the Pavilion in the Garden project in Mouriz, Portugal is a captivating exploration of the harmonious relationship between architecture, nature, and human experience. This minimalist and modernist structure, completed in 2022, transcends the boundaries of physical construction, serving as a philosophical manifestation of simplicity, purity, and integration with the surrounding natural environment.

A modern glass and concrete structure surrounded by lush greenery and trees.
Striking green marble obelisk stands before a modern, glass-paneled structure surrounded by lush greenery.
Dramatic wood and glass architecture with striking green marble accents and bold lighting.
Expansive glass ceiling, geometric patterns, and striking green marble accents create a modern, sophisticated interior.
Minimalist architectural design with glass ceiling, concrete floor, and lush greenery.
Expansive glass exterior with wooden beams and vibrant yellow walls creating an open, modern space.
Minimalist architecture with expansive glass walls, concrete ceiling, and stone detailing.
A modern bathroom with a large vanity, mirrored cabinets, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking nature.
A modern glass-enclosed building flanked by a lush, green landscape and concrete walls.
A modern glass and stone structure nestled in a lush tropical landscape.
A contemporary glass building with a wood-paneled roof, surrounded by lush foliage.
Sleek and modern glass-enclosed structure with a striking green stone facade, nestled among lush trees.
Panoramic view of a modern, glass-fronted building surrounded by lush greenery and residential structures.
A modern, glass-walled structure with a stone wall and a pond reflecting its warm, inviting interior.

About Pavilion in the Garden

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Mouriz, Portugal, the Pavilion in the Garden is a masterful blending of modernist simplicity and harmonious integration with nature. Designed by the acclaimed architecture firm spaceworkers in 2022, this project transcends the boundaries of traditional construction, offering a philosophical expression of the symbiotic relationship between humans, nature, and built form.

Embracing the Outdoors

The exterior of the pavilion is a study in contrasts, with the seemingly heavy concrete roof balanced atop the base volumes, defying gravity through a tangential vertical element. This interplay of weight and lightness immediately captivates the viewer, setting the stage for the pavilion’s deeper connection to its surroundings. Large glass windows wrap the structure, seamlessly blending the interior and exterior spaces and allowing the lush, verdant garden to become an integral part of the architectural experience.

Minimalist Sophistication

Stepping inside, the pavilion’s minimalist aesthetic is on full display. The pure, unadorned volumes of the central spaces create a sense of tranquility and focus, while the concrete grid ceiling with its glass openings brings the sky into the architecture, further strengthening the bond between the structure and its natural context. The two enclosed blocks, housing the service and guest support functions, are carefully positioned to maintain the pavilion’s clean, uninterrupted lines.

Harmonious Interiors

The interior spaces within the pavilion are a masterclass in thoughtful design. The luxurious bathroom features a sleek, marble-clad vanity with integrated sinks, complemented by the warm, natural tones of the surrounding materials. The kitchen, with its striking gold accents, seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetic appeal, serving as a testament to the project’s dedication to both form and function.

A Stage for Life

At the heart of the Pavilion in the Garden lies a profound purpose – to be a stage for the events and experiences that will unfold within its walls. This architecture transcends the physical, inviting users to immerse themselves in the simple, pure, and natural elements that define the project. Through its thoughtful design and connection to the surrounding landscape, the pavilion offers a transformative experience, one that celebrates the essence of human interaction with the built and natural environments.

Photography by Fernando Guerra / FG+SG
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- by Matt Watts