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Hypostyle House: A Masterpiece of Abstract Construction in Portugal

Contemporary glass-walled house with concrete frame amidst greenery.

Explore the groundbreaking Hypostyle House, conceptualized by Miguel Marcelino in 2022, located in the serene setting of Pedrógão Grande, Portugal. This architectural marvel transcends traditional definitions, offering a unique living space through its innovative column mesh design. Inspired by ancient terraces and designed to harmonize with the rejuvenated landscape, this house redefines rural modernity.

Costa Nova Apartment: Luminous Interior Redesign in Aveiro

FeaturedContemporary interior with white sectional sofa, kitchenette, and colorful art.

Experience modern luxury in the heart of Aveiro, Portugal, at the Costa Nova Apartment by Gavinho Architecture & Interiors. Designed in 2012, this apartment embodies a cultural fusion inspired by the iconic haystacks of Costa Nova.

Discover a space of luminosity and exceptional design, where the interior seamlessly extends to the exterior through a glass cover, offering a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

MH House: Modern Design Meets Tradition in Sintra

Modern two-story white house with large windows and wooden details.

MH House, designed by Esquissos in 2023 and located in scenic Sintra, Portugal, exemplifies modern house design. This home masterfully combines organic materials with bold geometry, offering a stunning example of contemporary architectural practice. Inside, the open-plan living space and elegant design mirror the beauty of its lush surroundings, making it a standout in modern real estate.

Brejos da Carregueira House: Inside Portugal’s Contemporary Holiday Home

Modern white house with large windows and a pool.

Discover the Brejos da Carregueira House, a 2021 masterpiece by Estúdio AMATAM located in Comporta, Portugal. This private residence skillfully merges modern design with traditional Portuguese elements to create a luxurious holiday retreat. The house’s unique geometric exterior, coupled with its innovative use of space and light, crafts an inviting environment that honors its vernacular roots while offering a contemporary living experience.

Casa Singer: How Light & Space Redefine This Porto Apartment

Bright, airy living space with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and a playful

Discover Casa Singer, a stunning apartment transformation by Atelier Sergio Rebelo, nestled in the heart of Porto, Portugal. This 2020 renovation breathes new life into a 1939 Art Deco building, blending historical architecture with modern design principles. The redesigned layout maximizes openness and flexibility, inviting an abundance of natural light and integrating original materials with new, contemporary elements.

São Sebastião 123: Lisbon’s Colorful Apartment Reimagined

Contemporary living room with coral walls and a gray sectional sofa.

Dive into the vibrant world of São Sebastião 123, a Lisbon gem where history meets modernity. ALA.rquitectos transforms a century-old building into a stunning apartment that exudes charm with its colorful design. This unique property in Portugal’s capital offers a blend of dynamic spaces, from cozy workrooms to airy living areas, all while embracing the city’s architectural heritage.

Casa de Bouro: A Modern Concrete Retreat by Daniel Duarte

FeaturedModern curved house with large windows and a green roof garden.

Explore Casa de Bouro, Daniel Duarte‘s 2022 design marvel in Portugal, blending architecture with nature. This concrete house features a two-floor layout with a unique lower-level garage and technical spaces. The upper floor boasts living spaces, including four suites. The design emphasizes privacy using the natural terrain, leading to a central patio that merges resistance with elegance. A standout feature is the striking swimming pool, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.