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Pavilion in the Garden: Seamless Integration of Nature and Architecture

A modern glass and concrete structure surrounded by lush greenery and trees.

Designed by the renowned architecture firm spaceworkers, the Pavilion in the Garden project in Mouriz, Portugal is a captivating exploration of the harmonious relationship between architecture, nature, and human experience. This minimalist and modernist structure, completed in 2022, transcends the boundaries of physical construction, serving as a philosophical manifestation of simplicity, purity, and integration with the surrounding natural environment.

Covelo House: Rethinking Urban Living in Portugal’s City of Bridges

Cozy cabin interior with rustic wood ceiling, modern green cabinetry, and sleek staircases.

Combining historical charm and contemporary design, the Covelo House in Porto, Portugal, offers a captivating reinterpretation of the city’s iconic urban islands. Designed by the acclaimed architecture firm spaceworkers, this two-story residence expertly blends the traditional and the modern, creating a harmonious living space that celebrates the unique character of its historic setting.

Featuring a compact footprint of just 4 meters by 4 meters, the Covelo House showcases how thoughtful design can transform even the smallest of spaces into a refined and inviting home.

CL2 House: Discovering Spaceworkers’ Innovative Design in Portugal

A modern and minimalist living room with a large abstract artwork, wooden furniture, and a view to the exterior.

The CL2 House, designed by the renowned architecture firm spaceworkers, is a stunning residential project located in Matosinhos, Portugal. Completed in 2022, this modern house showcases a sleek and minimalist design aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with its surrounding environment. Boasting a harmonious blend of glass, concrete, and natural materials, the CL2 House embodies a contemporary approach to architecture that prioritizes both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Agrela House by Spaceworkers

Agrela House by Spaceworkers

Welcome to the Agrela House, a literary paradise nestled in the rustic charm of Agrela, Portugal. Designed by the talented team at Spaceworkers in 2018, this unique house presents a sublime blend of concrete modern design with an ode to classical renaissance libraries.

Imaginatively conceptualized and meticulously executed, the Agrela House offers a high ceiling space that accommodates a mountain of books, and a fascinatingly differentiated interior marked by a dynamic roof structure that appears to levitate on light wood and glass. As the house ages with time, the textured concrete and wood lend a deeper character, becoming even more harmonious with the surrounding rural landscape.