SV House: Contemporary Concrete Design for Rural Living

Nestled in Sobrado, Portugal, the SV House, designed by Spaceworkers in 2023, is a modern concrete block residence. This unique home stands out in the traditional rural setting with innovative design elements, offering privacy and stunning landscape views.

Cuboid concrete building with asymmetrical windows under a clear sky.
Modern living room with linear lighting and minimalistic decor.
Modern living room with beige sofa, wooden floor, and large window.
Minimalist interior with wood accents and expansive view.
Minimalist dining area with clean lines and natural light.
Minimalist bedroom with warm lighting and scenic window view.
Contemporary building with textured stone facade and large windows under a clear sky.
Modern concrete house illuminated at twilight with a car parked under.

About SV House

Modern Concrete Design in Rural Portugal

Situated in Sobrado, Portugal, the SV House by Spaceworkers, designed in 2023, is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. The house, built on the plot of the owner’s grandparents’ house, pays homage to the family’s past while embracing a disruptive and modern design approach.

Innovative Architectural Approach

The SV House stands out in its rural context with a concrete block structure that contrasts with the surrounding traditional sloped-roof houses. The strategic placement of openings in the concrete block not only ensures natural lighting and ventilation but also offers framed views of the distant landscape, creating a sense of connection with nature.

Harmony of Solidity and Lightness

Externally, the house exudes a sense of solidity with exposed concrete, symbolizing strength and durability. In contrast, the interior features light wood and white walls, radiating a feeling of lightness and modernity. This dichotomy establishes a unique relationship with the neighboring buildings and the inhabitants, making the SV House a captivating architectural marvel in Sobrado.

Private Oasis Amidst Chaotic Surroundings

Designed to provide privacy and serenity to its residents, the SV House offers a silent sanctuary within a bustling environment. Each space within the house offers varied views of the landscape, allowing occupants to immerse themselves in nature from different perspectives.

Connection to Family History

Built on a plot rich in family stories and memories, the SV House embodies a modern interpretation of the past while embracing the future of architectural design. Its innovative approach and thoughtful design elements make it a standout residence in the serene countryside of Sobrado, Portugal.

Photography by FG+SG – Fernando Guerra
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- by Matt Watts