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Interlace House: Where Design Innovates

Modern two-story house with cantilevered upper floor and lawn.

Discover the Interlace House in Puembo Valley, Ecuador—a contemporary masterpiece by TEC Taller EC that perfectly aligns with the breathtaking views of the Andes. This two-story house showcases innovative design amidst mountainous tranquility, featuring three distinct, overlapping volumes.

From a sunlit underground garage to private spaces facing the majestic Andes, experience how light, space, and nature intertwine in this exceptional home.

Ibsen House: A Modern Oasis in São Paulo

Modern living room opening onto a pool with lush greenery in the background.

Step into the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, where the Ibsen House redefines modern living. Designed by Matheus Farah e Manoel Maia Arquitetura in 2020, this house merges the beauty of nature with architectural innovation. Its unique design features vertical gardens, large sliding panels for flexible space division, and a central pool visible from nearly every room, offering a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living.

Experience a home where privacy meets communal enjoyment, all while maintaining harmony with its vibrant surroundings.

Wood House: The Epitome of Eco-Friendly Luxury

FeaturedContemporary walkway with concrete walls, wood paneling, and lush shrub

Embrace the elegance of Wood House, a contemporary gem in Fazenda Boa Vista, São Paulo, Brazil. Crafted by MOS, Matheus Farah, Manoel Maia Architecture, and Gaia Construtora, this residence epitomizes sustainable luxury with its innovative wooden structure and commitment to eco-friendly construction. A haven for efficiency and minimal maintenance, Wood House offers a seamless blend of design and nature, providing a welcoming space for gatherings in the heart of Brazil.

Red Box: Concrete Elegance in China

Modern terracotta brick building with geometric design and shadows.

Immerse yourself in the architectural marvel of the Red Box, a house designed by Mix Architecture in Nanjing, China. This unique concrete, minimalist home stands out at the foot of the illustrious Red Mountain, enveloped by the serene Hongchuang Park. The Red Box pays homage to its historical and natural surroundings with its distinct red concrete construction, reflecting the area’s rich heritage and the vibrant hues of the landscape.

Mountain Villa: A Modern Retreat in Rural Hebei

Modern interior courtyard with circular walkways and a person standing center.

Discover the fusion of modern minimalism and traditional charm at the Mountain Villa in Hebei, China. Designed by Beijing Jimei Survey and Design in 2021, this unique property transforms rural living with three luxurious apartments and an additional unit for the owners.

Situated amidst breathtaking mountain vistas, each unit offers privacy with its own courtyard, yet fosters community through a shared social space. The use of bamboo and concrete echoes the local architecture, providing guests a serene retreat with a touch of authenticity.

Casa de Bouro: A Modern Concrete Retreat by Daniel Duarte

FeaturedModern curved house with large windows and a green roof garden.

Explore Casa de Bouro, Daniel Duarte‘s 2022 design marvel in Portugal, blending architecture with nature. This concrete house features a two-floor layout with a unique lower-level garage and technical spaces. The upper floor boasts living spaces, including four suites. The design emphasizes privacy using the natural terrain, leading to a central patio that merges resistance with elegance. A standout feature is the striking swimming pool, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.