Apartment B by Destilat

Apartment B redesigned in 2018 by Destilat, is a mid-century apartment situated in Vienna, Austria.

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About Apartment B

Refining Viennese Living: An Ingenious Fusion of Two Apartments

In Vienna, nestled within a Wilhelminian-style building, a family saw potential on the 4th floor. They acquired two opposing apartments. The cozy 65 m2 (700 sq ft) space overlooks a quiet courtyard, while the larger approximately 100 m2 (1,076 sq ft) apartment grants views both to the street and courtyard.

Reimagining Spaces: Crafting a Unified Home

By cleverly repurposing part of the stairwell, the family seamlessly connected the two apartments. This innovation introduced incredible flexibility in utilizing the combined spaces.

Renovations with Purpose

The larger apartment underwent a total transformation. We redesigned its entire layout to cater to the residents’ desires. By shifting walls, we carved out two peaceful bedrooms overlooking the courtyard. Consequently, the hallway became more compact.

Elevating Comfort and Aesthetics

What was once a servant’s chamber on the street side morphed into a luxurious bathroom. It now boasts a standalone bathtub, framing views of majestic Wilhelminian architecture, the lively Naschmarkt flea market, and the distant Laaer Berg skyline. Furthermore, we melded the kitchen seamlessly with the dining room, featuring a striking island crafted from expansive fine stone slabs.

Connecting the dining area and the hallway, a versatile living room stands. Double doors allow it to transform into a guest space when needed.

Adaptable Living: Catering to Evolving Needs

This project birthed a usage concept that can flex and adapt to the family’s shifting requirements. Options abound, from short-term rentals and partial occupation by the five-member family to fully inhabiting the merged space or using the units separately.

A Blend of Old and New: Crafting a Timeless Interior

In collaboration with the builders, destilat conceived a furnishing blueprint. It’s a harmonious mix of restored vintage pieces, echoing the building’s charm, and modern furniture, designed for adaptability.

Photography by Monika Nguyen

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- by Matt Watts