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Koyo: A Contemporary Alpine Retreat in Austria

Modern house with large glass windows and outdoor dining area at dusk.

Unveiling Koyo, a masterpiece by Mahore Architects in Tulfes, Austria, this contemporary house redefines living with its elevated design on challenging terrain. With views of majestic mountains and lush treetops, the property ingeniously integrates the living space and garden atop a slope. Inside, an open space sculpture connects living levels, harmonizing exposed concrete, wood, and black steel.

Inspired by the adjacent ash trees and the Japanese term for changing leaves, Koyo seamlessly blends architecture with nature.

House P: A Vision of Sustainable Elegance in Austria

FeaturedHouse P: A Vision of Sustainable Elegance in Austria

Discover House P in Vienna, Austria, a 2023 architectural marvel by Najjar-Najjar Architects. This contemporary, concrete house blends seamlessly with Vienna’s enchanting landscape.

Its unique design emphasizes a connection with nature, offering expansive living areas that merge into breathtaking outdoor spaces. With a focus on sustainability, the house boasts a curved, solar-paneled roof and innovative geothermal climate control.

Riva Diva: Vienna’s Modern Twist on Traditional Offices

Riva Diva: Vienna’s Modern Twist on Traditional Offices

Riva Diva in Vienna, Austria, masterfully reimagines office space. Designed by Love Architecture and Urbanism in 2023, this minimalist, green office melds traditional elegance with modern flair. Inspired by the classic beauty of mahogany speedboats, it offers a dynamic, flexible workplace where conservative charm meets contemporary design.

Riva Diva is not just an office; it’s a vibrant fusion of heritage and innovation, making every day at work an inspiring journey.

Haus Max: A Modern Family’s Countryside Escape

FeaturedHaus Max: A Modern Family’s Countryside Escape

In the serene outskirts of Vienna, Haus Max emerges as a haven for creativity and family life. Designed by Caramel Architekten in 2023, this house-turned-retreat fuses contemporary timber construction with sustainable elements, including integrated PV panels and a heat pump for near self-sufficiency.

It showcases a unique stacking of living spaces, with an expansive artist’s studio at its core, and connects its inhabitants to nature through terraces that invite the surrounding greenery in. It’s a masterful reinterpretation of the traditional gable-roofed houses of the area, presenting a discreet street presence that unfolds into a bold, open embrace of the landscape.

Haus A: Blending Historical Allure with Modern Design

FeaturedHaus A: Blending Historical Allure with Modern Design

Dive into the history and revitalization of Haus A, a distinguished mountain house in Austria. Designed by Marion Wicher, this modern two-story marvel captures the essence of Allerheiligen near Wildon, a hamlet echoing with pastoral charm.

The design seamlessly integrates historical architecture, from vaulted cellars to larch slat exteriors, reimagining traditional spaces into chic, contemporary retreats.