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La Prua: Inside the Cliffside House with Stunning Sea Views

FeaturedSpacious, airy living room with vaulted ceiling, large windows overlooking the ocean.

La Prua, designed by Doori Architettura in 2019, is a house extension located near Genoa, Italy, that offers a unique blend of modern living and breathtaking sea views. This coastal retreat, situated on a cliffside overlooking the splendid Gulf of Tigullio, provides a sanctuary of tranquility. With its minimalist design, every room within La Prua showcases a thoughtful balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal haven for sea lovers and those seeking a serene getaway.

House in Villette: Inside the Concrete Enigma of Swiss Design

A modernist concrete residential complex with wood accents and lush surrounding greenery.

Introducing the House in Villette, designed by Charles Pictet Baptiste Broillet Architectes Associés in Thônex, Switzerland. Completed in 2022, this house redefines modern living with its minimalist design, thoughtfully integrating nature with its interiors and exteriors. Overlooking the verdant Arve valley, every element—from the strategic placement to the use of natural light—accentuates its stunning architecture and connection to the surrounding landscape.

Echo House: Unveiling Architectural Brilliance in Elysian Heights

Bright living room with large windows, stylish furnishings, and chevron wood flooring.

Discover Echo House, a modern private house designed by Aaron Neubert Architects in 2019, located in Los Angeles, CA. This architectural gem blends seamlessly with its Elysian Heights environment, offering stunning downtown views and a harmonic indoor-outdoor living experience. From its strategic staggered volumes to the mesmerizing dialogue between its interiors and the surrounding landscapes, Echo House redefines contemporary living.

Point White Residence: Inside Bainbridge Island’s Tranquil Home

Modern wooden home with landscaped garden and concrete steps.

Explore the serene Point White Residence by Eerkes Architects on Bainbridge Island, WA. This architectural gem, centered around tranquility and nature, seamlessly combines contemporary design with the lush outdoors. From the entrance marked by rhythmic concrete steps to expansive glass walls and wood ceilings blending indoors and out, discover a home where every space tells a story of harmony and sophisticated design.

Rod House: Blending Minimalist Charm with Sarti’s Serenity

FeaturedContemporary open-plan living space with minimalist decor and large windows.

Embark on a journey through the Rod House, designed by Spyros Stefopoulos, in the tranquil Sarti, Greece. This house epitomizes modern elegance with its minimalist design, open spaces, and seamless integration with nature. Spyros Stefopoulos has masterfully created a space where light, architecture, and comfort converge to offer a unique living experience.