La Prua: Inside the Cliffside House with Stunning Sea Views

La Prua, designed by Doori Architettura in 2019, is a house extension located near Genoa, Italy, that offers a unique blend of modern living and breathtaking sea views. This coastal retreat, situated on a cliffside overlooking the splendid Gulf of Tigullio, provides a sanctuary of tranquility. With its minimalist design, every room within La Prua showcases a thoughtful balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal haven for sea lovers and those seeking a serene getaway.

Spacious, airy living room with vaulted ceiling, large windows overlooking the ocean.

A Window to the Sea: La Prua by Doori Architettura

Perched on a cliffside, the majestic ‘La Prua’ gazes upon the Gulf of Tigullio. Conceived in 2019 by the visionary Doori Architettura, it offers a transcendent blend of modern living and nature’s expanse. La Prua, a house extension near Genoa, Italy, invites its occupants to connect with the serene seascape. Upon entry, one is greeted by a vast, sun-soaked living space where a sloped white ceiling rises over a minimalistic lounge area. Here, large glass doors frame the sea, drawing the eye outward, promising tranquility.

Spacious beachfront living space with vaulted ceilings, panoramic ocean views, and cozy seating.

An Ode to Minimalism and Functionality

Transitioning from the living area, a dining space melds functionality and beauty. A sleek kitchen, defined by clean lines and white surfaces, offers modern amenities juxtaposed with rustic charm. Simplistic furnishings pepper the area, their earthy tones paying homage to the home’s coastal roots. Each piece in La Prua is meticulously chosen, avoiding a cluttered feel while accentuating the abode’s airy vibe.

Spacious room with wooden furniture, framed artwork, and natural lighting through skylights.

Personal Havens within the Expanse

The home’s intimate corners tell their own stories. Bedrooms, bathed in light, boast maritime-themed accents—a nod to the owner’s love for the sea. Soft pastels and nautical stripes define these restful sanctuaries. Even the bathrooms echo the home’s ethos, with skylights illuminating geometric tiles that splash color into the pristine environment. La Prua stands as a testament to architecture’s power to celebrate its surroundings while providing a canvas for personal expression.

Bright, airy attic space with exposed beams, modern yet rustic furnishings.
Airy modern room with high vaulted ceiling, rustic wooden table, and views of the water.
Shelves display books, cameras, and ship models against white walls and wooden dresser.
Bright, airy kitchen with built-in shelving, large window, and sleek marble countertops.
Cozy bedroom with geometric window treatments, built-in shelving, and warm lighting.
A simple, minimalist bedroom with a striped window treatment and a cozy armchair.
Sleek, modern bathroom with geometric tile pattern, skylights, and wooden vanity.

Photography by Anna Positano
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- by Matt Watts