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Hotel Le Dune Piscinas: Sustainable Luxury on the Italian Coast

Warm-toned stucco exterior with tiled roof, wooden deck, and minimalist furnishings.

The Hotel Le Dune Piscinas, designed by the acclaimed PL-AG Studio, is a captivating project located in Ingurtosu, Italy. This hotel, set within the Ingurtosu mining park and the protected natural park of the Piscinas dunes, directly on the beach and surrounded by the tallest dunes in Europe, offers guests an immersive and engaging scenographic experience. The designers have skillfully blended conservative restoration and new construction to create a harmonious and comfortable hotel that celebrates the unique natural surroundings.

Casa Piuca: Transforming a Tuscan Farmhouse in Italy

A modern, minimalist pavilion with clean lines, a flat roof, and glass walls overlooking a lush garden.

In the rolling countryside of Treviso, Italy, Scattola Simeoni Architetti have transformed a former farmhouse into a captivating modern residence. The Casa Piuca project, designed in 2020, seamlessly blends traditional elements like stone frames and a wooden roof with contemporary features, creating a harmonious living space. Large openings frame the surrounding pastoral landscape, while a new orthogonal structure helps to recompose the home’s internal courtyard in a traditional rural style.

WSB: Luxury Apartment Renovation by PLUS ULTRA in Milan

Warm, cozy living room with wood shelving, plush orange sofa, and potted plant.

Situated in the heart of Italy, the captivating WSB apartment project by PLUS ULTRA studio showcases a harmonious blend of refined elegance and inviting warmth. This 190 sqm penthouse, part of the recently revamped Borletti factory complex in Milan, embodies the client’s desire for a versatile living space that seamlessly balances intimate domesticity and sophisticated entertaining.

Urbana 47 Inn: Timeless Style in Historic Rome Neighborhood

Rustic industrial-style kitchen and dining area with exposed brick walls, metal beams, and spiral staircase.

Tucked away in the historic Borgo Pio district of Rome, Urbana 47 Inn offers a serene escape just steps from the grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica. Designed by the talented Giulia Venanzi, these apartments blend industrial-inspired elements with reclaimed furnishings and bespoke creations, embodying a timeless style that invites guests to experience the city in a truly original manner.

Podere La Fratta: Rustic Tuscan Farmhouse Transformation

Brick vaulted ceiling, wood furnishings, and modern amenities in cozy living space.

In a picturesque corner of Tuscany, the historic Podere La Fratta has undergone a comprehensive transformation by the talented design team at Officina Abitare. This traditional Tuscan country estate, located in Vaiano, Italy, has been thoughtfully reimagined for modern living while preserving its rural charm.

The project involved a complete renovation of the oldest section of the farmhouse, where the vestiges of its agricultural past still lingered, including a ground-floor storage and cellar space. The design approach prioritized respecting the property’s rustic essence, introducing energy-efficient technologies and thermal insulation to elevate it to an A2 energy class rating.

Casa della Fonte: Tuscan Farmhouse Renovation in Impruneta

An open-concept living space with exposed wood beams, large windows, and a rustic aesthetic.

Situated in the picturesque Tuscan countryside just outside the Chianti region, Casa della Fonte underwent a comprehensive renovation, expansion, and energy efficiency upgrade by the design firm Officina Abitare.

This small house received a complete transformation, with the enclosed loggias and a modest addition creating more livable space to meet the client’s needs. The new interiors were thoughtfully designed to optimize the building’s orientation and connect seamlessly to the stunning surrounding landscape through expansive windows.

Casa Citerna: Restoring Tuscan Charm with Sustainable Design

A modern kitchen with a rustic wood ceiling, white cabinets, and a large arched window overlooking an outdoor yard.

Officina Abitare‘s latest renovation project, Casa Citerna, is a harmonious blend of traditional elements and contemporary design. Situated in the historic center of a town between Chianti and Valdarno, this private residence underwent a comprehensive transformation, blending energy-efficient construction techniques with the restoration of original materials. The project focused on reorganizing the home’s spatial layout, introducing new amenities while respecting the property’s rich heritage.

From the use of handcrafted terracotta floors to the integration of chestnut wood beams, Casa Citerna seamlessly incorporates the region’s architectural vernacular into a modern, sustainable living space.

Crocetta: Exploring Fiorenza Raja’s Contemporary Apartment in Italy

Vibrant living room with teal accent wall, built-in bookshelves, and a piano.

Fiorenza Raja, a renowned Italian designer, has crafted a stunning apartment in the heart of Milan, Italy. The Crocetta project, completed in 2019, showcases her exceptional talent for blending modern design elements with the city’s rich architectural heritage. This luxurious apartment seamlessly integrates sleek, contemporary lines with timeless Italian style, creating a harmonious and inviting living space.