Casa 4 + 2: Eclectic Elegance in Genoa

Discover Casa 4 + 2, a 250-square-meter apartment masterfully redesigned by Doori Architettura in Genoa, Italy’s historical center. This 2023 project seamlessly blends the historical charm of a Palazzo dei Rolli with contemporary living, offering a unique refuge for a young family and their guests. Featuring preserved original terrazzo floors and ceiling stuccos, alongside modern furnishings and an open living area, the apartment epitomizes eclectic elegance.

Spacious and eclectic living room featuring ornate tile flooring, vibrant artwork, and custom lighting.

Genoa’s Historical Gem: Casa 4 + 2

Nestled in Genoa’s ancient Palazzo dei Rolli, the Casa 4 + 2 apartment marries history with modern living. Designed in 2023 by Doori Architettura, this 250-square-meter space reflects the homeowner’s rich life experiences. Original features like mid-1800s terrazzo floors and ceiling stuccos remain prominent, thanks to careful layout modifications.

Bright, airy living space with mid-century modern furnishings and extensive artwork display.

A Seamless Blend of Old and New

The living room greets you with Josef Frank-patterned sofas set against the backdrop of antique floors, creating a vivid juxtaposition. As you transition to the heart of the home, the kitchen’s natural wood and white marble offer a modern counterpart to historic aesthetics. The open plan, achieved by eliminating dividing walls, creates a fluid expanse leading to the sunlit terrace.

Open, light-filled kitchen with natural wood furnishings, ample shelving, and potted plants.

Private Spaces with Eclectic Elegance

In the bedrooms, custom wooden furniture and soothing colors provide tranquility. The master features natural light guiding the eyes towards the well-preserved floors. The children’s room captures playful imagination without overshadowing the apartment’s theme. Bathrooms, minimalist in design, showcase modern fixtures alongside warm, inviting tones—merging timeless elegance with contemporary functionality.

Bright, spacious room with white walls, arched doorway, and mix of modern and antique furnishings.
Spacious bedroom with wooden wardrobes, terrazzo flooring, and air conditioning unit.
A modern, minimalist bedroom with abstract artwork and a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit.
Cozy bedroom with warm color palette, modern furniture, and Matisse-inspired art.
Sleek, modern bathroom design featuring wooden panels, orange vanity, and minimalist fixtures.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with a glass shower enclosure, shelving, and a white toilet.

Photography by Anna Positano
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- by Matt Watts