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The House of the Magi: Iconic Interior Design in Spain

Modern interior with concrete ceiling, large windows, plush furniture, and lush tropical plants.

Diva Arquitectura sets a new standard for apartment living with The House of the Magi, crafted in 2023 in Valencia, Spain. This modern apartment blends minimalist design with utmost functionality, showcasing a balance of natural elements like wooden floors and concrete with plush, elegant furnishings. Ideal for those appreciating contemporary urban aesthetics, this space invites residents into a world of refined comfort and chic, streamlined living.

Casa 4 + 2: Eclectic Elegance in Genoa

Cozy bedroom with warm color palette, modern furniture, and Matisse-inspired art.

Discover Casa 4 + 2, a 250-square-meter apartment masterfully redesigned by Doori Architettura in Genoa, Italy’s historical center. This 2023 project seamlessly blends the historical charm of a Palazzo dei Rolli with contemporary living, offering a unique refuge for a young family and their guests. Featuring preserved original terrazzo floors and ceiling stuccos, alongside modern furnishings and an open living area, the apartment epitomizes eclectic elegance.

The Balcony ADU: Exploring a Modern, Light-Filled Living Space

Bright, open-concept living space with clean, modern furnishings and natural wood accents.

Immerse yourself in The Balcony ADU, a modern house masterpiece in Portland, Oregon. Designed by Modern ADU Plans in 2020, this property embodies elevated living with a thoughtful two-bedroom layout on the ground floor and an expansive, sunlit living area upstairs. Perfect for admirers of contemporary design, the home’s layout, and its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces highlight innovative architecture at its best.

Casa MS: A Contemporary Milanese Apartment by Be Arch Hub

Elegant living room with white sofa, arched lamp, and built-in shelves

Discover Casa MS, a contemporary apartment in Milan, Italy, designed by Be Arch Hub in 2023. This real estate marvel combines Milanese heritage with modern aesthetics, offering a unique living experience. Step into a world where every detail reflects sophistication, from the light-filled lounge to the chic kitchen space, making it a true testament to avant-garde design.

Casa Trenta: Exploring Rome’s Art Deco Influence in Modern Spaces

Modern kitchen with geometric floor and wooden dining table.

Discover the charm of Casa Trenta, a Studio Gamp! designed apartment located in Rome, Italy. This 2023 renovation marries the unique 1930s geometric patterns with modern living spaces, showcasing a blend of history and contemporary design. From vibrant blue and yellow floorings to the sleek, open-plan kitchen, Casa Trenta is a testament to stylish, urban living in the heart of Rome.

L’Alzina: How Jaime Prous Architects Reimagined Multi-Unit Housing

White modern buildings amidst trees on a sunny day.

In the heart of Girona, Spain, L’Alzina by Jaime Prous Architects redefines multi-unit housing with its eco-conscious design. Completed in 2023, this complex features twenty-three homes uniquely integrated into a pine-covered landscape, ensuring minimal visual impact. Each home, crafted as a series of interconnected cubes, respects and enhances its natural surroundings, offering unparalleled views and a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.

Collector’s Apartment: A Peek Inside Warsaw’s Most Elegant Residence

Modern living room with colorful furniture and a large bookshelf.

Discover the Collector’s Apartment in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Indoor in 2017. This apartment embodies a seamless blend of historical charm and contemporary elegance. Showcasing a collector’s dream, the design features artful lighting, expansive windows, and a mix of rustic and modern details. Perfect for those passionate about design, it offers a luxurious balance between comfort and style.

MH House: Modern Design Meets Tradition in Sintra

Modern two-story white house with large windows and wooden details.

MH House, designed by Esquissos in 2023 and located in scenic Sintra, Portugal, exemplifies modern house design. This home masterfully combines organic materials with bold geometry, offering a stunning example of contemporary architectural practice. Inside, the open-plan living space and elegant design mirror the beauty of its lush surroundings, making it a standout in modern real estate.