Casa MS: A Contemporary Milanese Apartment by Be Arch Hub

Discover Casa MS, a contemporary apartment in Milan, Italy, designed by Be Arch Hub in 2023. This real estate marvel combines Milanese heritage with modern aesthetics, offering a unique living experience. Step into a world where every detail reflects sophistication, from the light-filled lounge to the chic kitchen space, making it a true testament to avant-garde design.

Elegant living room with white sofa, arched lamp, and built-in shelves
Elegant living room with a white sofa, arc floor lamp, and decorative plants
Elegant living room with sleek furniture and vibrant floral centerpiece.
Elegant room viewed through an arched doorway with patterned wallpaper and a modern
Elegant dining room with round table, modern chairs, and pendant lights.
Sleek black kitchen with reflective surfaces and wood flooring.
View from a hallway into a bedroom with open door, minimalist design.
Minimalist bedroom with a white bed and light blue pillows near a window.
Elegant bedroom with vintage fireplace and minimalist decor.
Modern bathroom with wooden vanity, mirror, and glass shower stall.
Minimalist bathroom vanity with wood accents and neutral tones.

About Casa MS

An Architectural Gem in Milan: Casa MS

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Milan, Casa MS stands as a testament to contemporary living. Designed in 2023 by Be Arch Hub, this apartment combines heritage with avant-garde aesthetics.

Sophistication in Living: The Light-Filled Lounge

Stepping inside, the living room welcomes with its warmth and poise. An arc floor lamp stretches over plush sofas, hinting at the inimitable Italian flair for design. White walls and built-in shelves radiate serenity, framing a multimedia haven—modern yet inviting.

Continuity prevails as you transition to the dining area. Here, the marriage of function and elegance presents itself through a round marble table, encircled by charcoal-hued chairs. The room’s minimalist lighting accentuates its relaxed sophistication, emblematic of Milanese charm.

A Culinary Canvas: The Chic Kitchen Space

Adjacent to the dining space, the kitchen reveals itself as a study in contrasts. Sleek black cabinetry offers an edgy counterpoint to the surrounding neutral palette. The furnishings meander between utilitarian and aesthetic, supporting modern culinary endeavors within a compact footprint.

The narrative flows into the private quarters, where bedrooms echo the apartment’s calm palette. Soft pastels and natural light craft restful havens, furnished for repose and reflection. Each corner is adorned with deliberate grace, from plush headboards to delicate linens.

Finally, the bathrooms exude a tranquil air, thanks to their earthy tones and wooden accents. The clear glass and crisp fixtures underscore an ethos of unadorned luxury, rounding out Casa MS’s journey from bustling Milanese exterior to an inner sanctum of quietude and comfort.

In summary, Casa MS stands as a finely tuned symphony of design, where Be Arch Hub’s vision for modern living is articulated with every thoughtful detail. A true Milanese marvel, inviting exploration and appreciation room by meticulous room.

Photography by Foto Specchi Studio
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- by Matt Watts