349 S Mansfield Ave by Apel Design

Situated in Los Angeles, California, this contemporary residence was designed by Apel Design.

Description by Apel Design

The house attached in the files is located at 349 S. Mansfield Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

This beautifully designed home doesn’t necessarily fit into a particular box or label, rather is reflects a non-conforming spirit that explores an avant-garde vision – the most ancient of all functions: the home. Arranged in a way that catches the eye in a unique way, the pathway to the entry door deliberately takes visitors past the front facade to expose its volumes and architectural elements before they can ring the bell. From the uniquely designed front gate, to the floating waterfall, one can already get a sense that both private and public spaces in the house were treated with equal respect and attention to detail. Once inside, visitors experience an open and spacious floor plan filled with abundant natural light that enters from the many floor-to-ceiling window openings. Though the space is read as a whole and is predominantly white, some contrasting charcoal grey surfaces and changes in texture serve to define the different areas, while angled walls and clean lines s often the look. Additionally, different types of wood finishes work to bring the entire art form of the house together in a way that enhances the contemporary feel.

The kitchen takes the laboratory aesthetics to an extreme in which one can imagine daily molecular cuisine taking place. Every room in the house has unorthodox shapes and geometrical patterns, and the corridor that connects them blurs into what feels like an exterior plaza with an inspiring view below. Bathroom spaces have been stripped from their usual predictions and have matured to shapes and clad that fit with the discrete extravagant nature of the home.

Photography courtesy of Apel Design

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- by Matt Watts