Lavandeira Douro Nature & Wellness: A Tour of Sustainable Elegance

Lavandeira Douro Nature & Wellness, situated in Ancede, Portugal, reflects a beautiful merger of 18th-century charm and modern sustainability. Designed in 2023 by FCC Arquitectura, this rural farm is not just a retreat but an epitome of architectural reverence and environmental harmony. The property beautifully integrates natural landscapes with historical architecture, creating a serene wellness sanctuary.

A wooden cabin with a large triangular window nestled in a lush, verdant landscape.
Spacious wood-paneled bedroom with large windows offering a scenic view of the outdoors.
Warm, inviting bedroom interior with a vaulted wooden ceiling and minimalist furnishings.
A modern bathroom with a wooden panel ceiling, glass shower enclosure, and gray tile walls.
A wooden cabin with a curved roof sits amidst lush foliage, featuring a stone pathway leading to a wooden deck.
A modern, glass-walled house with a wraparound balcony nestled among lush trees.
Lush landscaping surrounds a tranquil pool with a modern architectural design.
Charming Portuguese manor with red-tiled roofs, arched windows, and lush garden.
A modern, open-concept interior with wooden beams and furnishings, complemented by sleek decor.
A warm, modern interior with wooden ceiling beams, large windows, and contemporary furnishings.
Cozy interior with wooden staircase, antique furniture, and decorative items.
Warm, rustic-inspired interior with intricate wooden ceiling and shelving displays.
A cozy rustic interior with exposed wooden beams, stone walls, and a large fireplace.
A charming stone castle-like structure with a vibrant bougainvillea-covered pergola, nestled in lush greenery.
A rustic wooden structure with stone walls and a softly illuminated entrance surrounded by lush greenery.

About Lavandeira Douro Nature & Wellness

Reviving Heritage at Lavandeira Douro Nature & Wellness

Nestled in Ancede, Portugal, the 18th-century “Lavand’eiras House” transforms into Lavandeira Douro Nature & Wellness, a testament to sustainable preservation. Designed by FCC Arquitectura in 2023, this rural farm marries historical grace with modern sustainability.

A Harmonious Dialogue with Nature

Approaching the property, the Wooden Brandas capture the eye. Their curved form harmonizes with the untamed landscape, offering an intimate connection to nature. Next, step into the wooden cell’s interior, where the panoramic views and minimalist decor promise tranquility. The seamless transition from outside to in exemplifies eco-conscious design.

Elegance Woven through Every Room

Moving indoors, the granite main house stands proudly, maintaining its historic essence. The bedroom’s vaulted ceilings suggest a spacious reverence. In the bathroom, modern fixtures contrast with warm wood, offering luxury and comfort. Social spaces like the lounge flaunt their ancestral beams, while the traditional kitchen’s hearth whispers stories of the past. Each room is a chapter in a beautifully unfolding story of architecture and homage, all part of Lavandeira Douro Nature & Wellness’s allure.

Photography by Fernando Guerra FG + SG
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- by Matt Watts