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Glamping Outlands Concéntrico: A New Way to Experience Nature

Cozy cabin interior with warm wood paneling, exposed beams, and large windows overlooking nature.

Glamping Outlands Concéntrico redefines luxury camping in Barrio de Nuevo León, Mexico. Designed by S-AR stación-ARquitectura in 2022, this cabin project combines modern architecture with raw nature, offering intimate nature retreats within the Sierra de Santiago. The design strategy facilitates connections among structures, landscapes, and users, immersing guests in a serene, wooded environment.

Arboreal House: A Modern Retreat in the Tahoe Sierras

Modern house with large windows surrounded by pine trees.

Discover the Arboreal House, designed by MacCracken Robinson Architects in 2023, nestled in the United States’ picturesque Tahoe region. This house stands as a masterpiece of modern architecture, harmoniously blending with its forest surroundings. The design emphasizes a seamless indoor/outdoor connection, employing natural materials like cedar and oak to enhance its tranquil, luxurious ambiance. Perfect for nature lovers seeking a serene retreat, the Arboreal House elevates sustainable living to new heights.

House Clancy: A Sustainable Living Vision Overlooking Kinsale Harbour

FeaturedModern house with large glass windows and flat roof at dusk.

Discover House Clancy in Kinsale, Ireland, a private residence reimagined by Conneely Wessels Architects in 2022. This architectural marvel, replacing an outdated bungalow, blends sustainability with modern living standards through its unique pavilion design. Focused on energy efficiency and seamless landscape assimilation, it offers an innovative living space that harmonizes with its surroundings, showcasing breathtaking views over Kinsale Harbour.