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Lavandeira Douro Nature & Wellness: A Tour of Sustainable Elegance

A wooden cabin with a large triangular window nestled in a lush, verdant landscape.

Lavandeira Douro Nature & Wellness, situated in Ancede, Portugal, reflects a beautiful merger of 18th-century charm and modern sustainability. Designed in 2023 by FCC Arquitectura, this rural farm is not just a retreat but an epitome of architectural reverence and environmental harmony. The property beautifully integrates natural landscapes with historical architecture, creating a serene wellness sanctuary.

House 37: A Modern Rebuild for a Busy Family in Toronto

FeaturedModern two-story home with large windows, outdoor seating, and a dog.

House 37, designed by Izen Architecture Inc. in 2020, redefines urban living in Toronto, Canada. This modern house is built around a 45-foot Northern Catalpa tree, featuring a 25-foot-tall window for a seamless nature view. Prioritizing natural light, storage, and flow, it caters to a busy young family’s needs while blending in beautifully with its neighborhood through thoughtful exterior updates and integrated nature.