INGA Co-living: A Sustainable Community Living in Manaus

Located in the heart of Manaus, Brazil, the INGA Co-living project by designer Laurent Troost offers a new model of community living that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature.

This development, completed in 2022, features a mix of one-bedroom (43m2) and two-bedroom (52m2) community apartments designed to promote flexibility, cross-ventilation, and a sense of shared community spaces, including a collective laundry, vegetable garden, and deck with views of the nearby Teatro Amazonas.

Modern tropical architecture with lush greenery, balconies, and clean lines.
Lush tropical foliage frames a modern multi-story building with balconies and architectural details.
Open-concept kitchen with hammocks, shelving, and views of lush outdoor foliage.
Modern open-plan living area with concrete ceiling, wooden dining table, and shelving units.
Modern, open-concept living space with lush tropical views and minimalist furnishings.
An open-air patio with colorful, patterned cushions and a view of distant buildings.
A modern, open-concept room with concrete ceiling, vibrant artwork, and functional furnishings.
Striking glass facade with hanging greenery, creating an open urban garden oasis.
Vibrant tropical foliage frames modern, well-lit apartment buildings with balconies.

About INGA Co-living

Nestled in the heart of Manaus, Brazil, the INGA Co-living project by designer Laurent Troost is a captivating blend of modern living and Amazonian charm. Moreover, this community-focused development stands as a testament to the power of integrating nature into urban spaces.

Harmonious Integration with Nature

Strategically located just a block from the iconic Teatro Amazonas, the INGA Co-living project envelops its residents in a lush, verdant embrace. Embracing the concept of a “living building,” the apartments are adorned with native plants and unconventional edible PANCs (Plantas Alimentícias Não Convencionais), creating a harmonious symbiosis between the built environment and the natural world.

Spacious and Flexible Interiors

Each apartment, ranging from 43 square meters (463 square feet) for the one-bedroom units to 52 square meters (560 square feet) for the two-bedroom units, boasts ample living spaces and exceptional flexibility. Expansive sliding glass walls flood the interiors with natural light and provide seamless connections to the lush outdoor surroundings.

Fostering a Sense of Community

The INGA Co-living project is designed to cultivate a strong sense of community among its residents. Shared amenities, such as a collective laundry, storage room, vegetable garden, barbecue area, and a deck with a view of the Teatro Amazonas, encourage social interaction and a shared sense of belonging.

Revitalizing the Historic City Center

Situated in an area that lacks urban qualification, the INGA Co-living project stands as a beacon of transformation. With its transparent street-level design and abundant greenery, the development aims to revitalize the historic city center and inspire further investment and small-scale actions. Additionally, the project has extended its influence through the promotion of urban art, showcasing the talents of Amazonian artists Curumiz and Wira Tini.


The INGA Co-living project by designer Laurent Troost is a captivating and innovative response to the need for sustainable, community-driven living in Manaus, Brazil. By seamlessly blending modern design with Amazonian nature, the project offers a unique and engaging residential experience that celebrates the harmony between the built environment and the natural world.

Photography courtesy of Laurent Troost
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- by Matt Watts