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Ponte House: Hanging Hillside Residence in Florianópolis

Expansive modern structure with sleek roof, balcony, and natural stone elements around pool.

Situated on the captivating island of Florianópolis in southern Brazil, the Ponte House by TETRO Arquitetura is a residential masterpiece that seamlessly blends with its breathtaking natural surroundings. Designed in 2024, this striking house takes inspiration from the iconic Hercílio Luz Bridge, integrating its steel and perforated sheet elements to create a harmonious architectural expression that transcends the functional aspects of a typical home.

Apartment 114S: Bloco Arquitetos’ Modernist Masterpiece

Stylish living room with eclectic mix of vintage and modern furnishings, hardwood floors.

Apartment 114S, a three-bedroom residence in Brasília, Brazil, underwent a complete renovation by the local design firm BLOCO Arquitetos. The project aimed to transform the apartment into a central gathering space for the young couple, merging the kitchen, dining, and living areas.

Inspired by the distinctive features of Brazilian modernist architecture, the design enhances the spatial integration and structural ingenuity that define Brasília’s iconic architectural style.

CLL House: Exploring Bernardes Arquitetura’s Countryside Retreat

Sleek, modern home with expansive outdoor living space, wooden beams, and lush green lawn.

Designed by renowned Brazilian architecture firm Bernardes Arquitetura, the CLL House in Porto Feliz, Brazil, is a stunning example of modern residential design that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings. This single-family house features a thoughtful layout across three distinct levels, creating a harmonious balance between private, social, and leisure spaces.

The use of natural materials and the home’s responsive integration with the sloping terrain showcase the architects’ mastery of blending indoor and outdoor living.

River House: Sustainable Living on the Banks of a Brazilian River

A rustic wooden cabin nestled among lush greenery, with a covered porch and wooden steps leading up.

Situated along the banks of a river in Santa Cruz Cabrália, Brazil, the River House designed by Daniel Fromer & Arquitetos seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature. This 2020 residential project features a deconstructed layout across three blocks, harmonizing with the traditional architectural style of the region through the use of local materials and techniques.

Float House: Sergio Sampaio’s Modernist Design in Brazil

A modern, minimalist two-story house with large windows, a pool, and a lush green landscape.

Designed by acclaimed Brazilian architect Sergio Sampaio, the Float House in Tamboré, Brazil, is a stunning example of minimalist architecture that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. This contemporary house, conceived as the primary residence for a family within a condominium, offers a captivating panoramic view and a serene garden terrace that promotes a harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience.

Obi House: Cozy Beach Retreat with Tupi Guarani Inspiration

Modern single-family home with wood accents, balconies, and a lush tropical backdrop.

Angá Arquitetura‘s Obi House in São Paulo, Brazil, offers a cozy retreat by the beach, blending practicality and comfort for the family. Designed in 2022, this house serves as a weekend getaway, featuring various nooks and spaces that capture the beach atmosphere while accommodating daily routines.

The Tupi Guarani-inspired “Obi,” meaning bluish-green, is brought to life through the use of soft tones, diverse textures, and a custom-designed tile feature.

Zoé Apartment: Designing a Welcoming Home in São Paulo

Modern dining room with round concrete table, green upholstered chairs, and large windows overlooking a city skyline.

The Zoé Apartment, designed by Angá Arquitetura in São Paulo, Brazil, is a vibrant, life-affirming home that embodies the Greek meaning of its name. The 105 sq. meter apartment underwent thoughtful modifications to meet the needs of its young couple residents, resulting in a harmonious blend of functionality, warmth, and personality. By prioritizing integration and openness, the design team created an inviting space that celebrates the residents’ joy and intensity of life.

Georgia House: Arkitito Arquitetura’s Cozy Family Home in Brazil

Stunning modern architecture with lush greenery, pool, and cozy outdoor seating.

Designed by the renowned Brazilian architecture firm Arkitito Arquitetura, the Georgia House in São Paulo, Brazil, is a captivating residential project that seamlessly blends contrasting volumes and natural elements. This 2021 house, nestled between two tall residences on a narrow lot, showcases the architects’ ability to maximize natural light and the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces.