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INGA Co-living: A Sustainable Community Living in Manaus

Vibrant tropical foliage frames modern, well-lit apartment buildings with balconies.

Located in the heart of Manaus, Brazil, the INGA Co-living project by designer Laurent Troost offers a new model of community living that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature.

This development, completed in 2022, features a mix of one-bedroom (43m2) and two-bedroom (52m2) community apartments designed to promote flexibility, cross-ventilation, and a sense of shared community spaces, including a collective laundry, vegetable garden, and deck with views of the nearby Teatro Amazonas.

Praia Apartment: Cozy Beach-Inspired Design in Londrina

Spacious open-concept living area with modern kitchen and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Designed for a young couple in Londrina, Brazil, the Praia Apartment by Ser Arquitetos is a 181 m² apartment that showcases a harmonious blend of modern and beach-inspired elements. The project maintained the original layout while creating a comfortable, cozy environment through the use of neutral tones, natural materials, and carefully curated furnishings. With a spacious social area, three suites, and a service area, this apartment offers a welcoming and versatile living space that reflects its residents’ desire for a truly inviting home.

Bananeira Apartment: Blending Modern Design and Nature

Cozy living room with cacti, potted plants, brick walls, and exposed concrete ceiling.

Angá Arquitetura‘s 2021 Bananeira Apartment project in São Paulo, Brazil, offers a spacious and integrated living experience. The hallway, kitchen, and one bedroom were opened to the living room, creating a cohesive space. Featuring a green tunnel in the hallway and zoning through furniture, the apartment showcases a thoughtful design approach that blends functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Patropi House: Airbnb-Ready Design with Charming Brazilian Flair

FeaturedSpacious, open-concept kitchen and dining area with modern, minimalist furnishings.

Angá Arquitetura‘s captivating Patropi House in Praia do Guaecá, Brazil, seamlessly blends contemporary design with the surrounding lush, tropical landscape. Crafted as a vacation rental, this house showcases a delicate balance of form and function, featuring a striking volume complemented by a thoughtful selection of materials and colors that harmonize with the Brazilian coastal setting.

Ficus Apartment: Transforming a 70’s Apartment in São Paulo

FeaturedSpacious modern living room with wood paneling, greenery, and minimalist furniture.

Designed by the acclaimed Angá Arquitetura, the Ficus Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil showcases a contemporary transformation of a 1970s apartment. The project prioritizes the client’s need for a spacious, open layout ideal for hosting friends and family, with a focus on optimizing the living and social areas. By reconfiguring the original three-bedroom floorplan, the design team created a more efficient and versatile space that reflects the client’s lifestyle and preferences.

Casa Veredas Simonetto: Artisanal Touches and Sustainable Design

A modern, minimalist living space with a vibrant orange accent wall and geometric furniture.

Discover the enchanting Casa Veredas Simonetto, a 120m2 house in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by architect Gabriel Fernandes in 2024. Featuring a seamless blend of contemporary and rustic elements, this project showcases Simonetto’s expertise in high-level customization, including a stunning 2,500-niche white and beige shelving system that pays homage to traditional Brazilian construction techniques.

ASM Apartment: Bernardes Arquitetura’s Chic Brazil Design

FeaturedSpacious, open-plan living area with wooden paneling, lush greenery, and scenic city view.

Bernardes Arquitetura, a renowned Brazilian architecture firm, has recently unveiled their masterpiece, the ASM Apartment, in the heart of São Paulo. This 2020 residential project showcases the firm’s expertise in crafting exceptional living spaces that seamlessly blend modern design with the vibrant energy of the bustling Brazilian city. Boasting a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, the ASM Apartment offers a captivating glimpse into the intersection of cutting-edge architecture and luxurious urban living.