VC Residence: Natural Materials and Japanese Aesthetics in Hong Kong

Nestled in the bustling heart of Hong Kong, the VC Residence by Lim + Lu offers a harmonious sanctuary of architectural tranquility. This 2023 apartment project seamlessly blends the client’s architectural background with Lim + Lu‘s refined design sensibilities, creating a space that authentically reflects their lifestyle.

Featuring a captivating interplay of raw, natural materials and subtle Japanese-inspired touches, VC Residence is a testament to the shared vision between the client and the design duo.

A minimalist living room with a large window, wood shelves, and a plush beige armchair.
Modern living space with concrete wall, wooden shelves, and cozy beige chair.
Minimal, modern dining area with abstract artwork, wooden furniture, and elegant lighting.
Minimalist dining room with wood furniture, potted plant, and textured walls.
Serene bedroom with warm wood accents, minimalist shelving, and a view of the outdoors.
A modern bathroom with dark green tiles, a wooden vanity, and a circular mirror.
Contemporary bathroom design with gray tile walls, wooden vanity, and gold accents.
Sleek, modern bathroom with dark slate tiles, brass fixtures, and a floating wooden vanity.
A modern bathroom with sleek gray tiles, wood vanity, and brass fixtures. Minimalist design.

About VC Residence

At VC Residence, the client’s architectural background and shared journey with Vincent converge, forming the foundation for a harmonious design vision. Lim + Lu expertly translate the client’s preferences and aspirations, crafting a space that authentically reflects their lifestyle.

Architectural Sophistication

Adorning the various spaces, the statement plaster portal frames lend an air of architectural sophistication. These frames not only serve as structural elements but also create depth and visual interest, captivating the eye and inviting exploration within the space. The seamless flow between spaces is facilitated by the removal of walls, guiding the visitor through a looping path.

Natural Tranquility

The material palette embraces the beauty of raw and natural elements, such as warm wood, delicate rattan, and textured plaster. Through the interplay of these materials, VC Residence establishes a serene connection with nature, evoking a sense of tranquility and calmness.

Japanese-Inspired Elegance

Inspired by the client’s affinity for Japanese design, subtle touches of Japanese aesthetics are thoughtfully incorporated throughout the apartment. Large Japanese-style sliding doors, characterized by clean lines and understated elegance, delicately separate spaces while maintaining the apartment’s fluid flow and infusing a touch of traditional charm.

Maximizing Functionality

The spatial layout of VC Residence is thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality while maintaining an open and airy ambiance. The architectural minimalist aesthetic allows each element and detail to shine, creating a harmonious and understated luxury.

VC Residence is a testament to the shared vision between the client and Lim + Lu, capturing the client’s personality in a space that effortlessly fuses architectural vision with tranquil elegance.

Photography by Common Studio
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- by Matt Watts