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Masnou: Coastal Serenity in Miriam Barrio’s Spanish Duplex

Modern, minimalist living room with curved staircase, neutral tones, and natural light from large windows.

Miriam Barrio Studio‘s renovation of a seaside duplex in el Masnou, Spain, has transformed the space into a harmonious, serene, and timeless oasis.

Designed in 2022, this apartment project seamlessly integrates the coastal surroundings into the interior design, utilizing natural materials like light oak wood and a luminous combination of off-white metal. The strategic placement of large windows captures the essence of the sea, creating a strong connection between the interior and the breathtaking outdoor views.

House with an Island: Embracing Nature with Bright Open Spaces

FeaturedCozy living room with large windows, wood accents, and a fireplace in a modern country home.

Hanna Pietras, a renowned architect in Poland, has designed a captivating 500-square-meter house that celebrates the beauty of natural materials. Situated in Poland, this House with an Island project, completed in 2024, is a testament to Pietras’ commitment to sustainable and harmonious design. The interiors showcase a sophisticated blend of warm earth tones, soft beiges, and muted browns, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere for the residents.

Smichov Natural Apartment: Crafting Cozy Minimalism in Prague

FeaturedModern apartment interior with open balcony, concrete walls, and wooden flooring. Stylish shelving unit and plush sofa.

The Smichov Natural Apartment in Prague, Czech Republic, is a stunning modern home designed by Iva Hájková in 2023. Featuring an industrial-inspired aesthetic with concrete, dark windows, and metal elements, the apartment’s hard and visually clean exterior belies a warm, cozy interior. Responding to the building’s industrial character with lightness and subtlety, the designer has incorporated natural materials like wood, stone, and handcrafted ceramics to create a peaceful, relaxing haven amidst the city’s fast-paced energy.

Concrete Copper Home: Sculptural Roof Design in NZ

FeaturedStunning modern home with unique copper-colored roofline and glass walls overlooking lush garden.

Designed by South Architects Limited in 2020, the Concrete Copper Home in Christchurch, New Zealand, showcases a stunning blend of natural materials. This suburban house, situated with a beautiful outlook towards a nearby stream, features a unique palette of concrete, copper, and timber.

The lineal concrete forms are strategically staggered across the site, allowing occupants to enjoy sun exposure throughout the day, while the sculptural roof ties the design together. The copper element rises from the ground at the entry, stretching over the living spaces to envelop the first-floor sleeping quarters, creating a captivating architectural statement.

LEA Apartment: Soft Tones and Curved Lines in Brazil

Modern open-concept living room with minimalist design, large TV, and abundant natural light.

Designed by Nati Minas & Studio, the LEA Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, is a 2022 project that embodies a clean, soft-toned aesthetic tailored to its young resident’s comfortable daily life. Prioritizing an open layout with a centralized kitchen and dining area, the design showcases the natural warmth of ceramic, Portuguese stone, and curved wood elements, creating a welcoming, light-filled atmosphere.