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Xixi Wetland Estate: Pritzker Laureate’s Masterful Residence in Hangzhou

Spacious modern living room with natural stone walls, leather sofas, and minimalist decor.

Xixi Wetland Estate, a captivating residential project in Hangzhou, China, showcases the innovative design of Pritzker laureate David Chipperfield. Blending seamlessly with the natural landscape, the volcanic rock structure creates a striking counterpoint to the serene wetland environment. This collaboration between Huang Zhiyong Design and the homeowner explores the harmonious relationship between habitation and nature, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Black Swan Restaurant: Luxury French Dining with Oriental Elegance

A spacious, minimalist dining area with curved walls, a cloud-like light fixture, and glass doors overlooking greenery.

The Black Swan Restaurant in Beijing, China, is a masterful collaboration between designer Chris Shao Studio and the inspiration of artist Gary Hume’s ‘Swans’ painting. Situated within the Luo Hong Photography Art Museum, this French-cuisine restaurant seamlessly blends modernist design with the rich natural beauty of an adjacent oriental landscape garden.

Patrons are treated to a delicate and intricate approach to details, where the swan motif is woven throughout the space, creating a sense of quiet luxury and elegance. The muted interior palette and textural layering of materials evoke the graceful movements of the swan, inviting guests to pause and appreciate the sublime synchronization of the natural and man-made.

Finding Emotion in Tranquility and Restraint: Exploring OUTIN.Design’s Serene Residence in Ningbo

Cozy living room with neutral tones, modern furniture, and abundant natural light from large window.

Crafted by the visionary OUTIN.Design, this captivating house in Ningbo, China, offers a harmonious blend of tranquility and emotional resonance. Designed in 2024, this residential project invites residents to explore the depths of their own self-awareness, with thoughtfully curated spaces that seamlessly integrate nature and modern elegance.

From the flowing staircase to the meticulously selected furniture and finishes, every detail in this house is imbued with a sense of calm and contemplation, creating an inviting retreat from the outside world.

Natural Villa: Exploring the Sustainable Design Approach by Growto

Spacious modern living room with large windows, sleek furnishings, and a bonsai tree.

Designed by the renowned Growto Design, the Natural Villa in Chengdu, China, offers a captivating fusion of nature and modern living. This 2023 house project features a three-level stacked structure that seamlessly integrates the purity and relaxation of the outdoors with the comforts of urban life. By rejecting excessive decoration, the design team has created a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere, where indoor and outdoor landscapes coexist in a delicate balance.

The Opus One: Harmonizing Classic and Contemporary in a Private Garden

A modern, minimalist courtyard with lush greenery, concrete seating, and geometric sculptures.

The Opus One, a private garden project designed by TROP: terrains + open space in China, showcases exceptional complexity blended with creative flair. Spanning less than 300 ㎡, this compact oasis marries classic elegance with contemporary allure, offering an ever-evolving experience for all who encounter it. By transforming building pipelines into dynamic landscapes and incorporating diverse plant life, the design effectively mitigates urban heat while enhancing biodiversity and fostering a pleasant microclimate within the bustling Shenyang cityscape.

VC Residence: Natural Materials and Japanese Aesthetics in Hong Kong

FeaturedA minimalist living room with a large window, wood shelves, and a plush beige armchair.

Nestled in the bustling heart of Hong Kong, the VC Residence by Lim + Lu offers a harmonious sanctuary of architectural tranquility. This 2023 apartment project seamlessly blends the client’s architectural background with Lim + Lu‘s refined design sensibilities, creating a space that authentically reflects their lifestyle.

Featuring a captivating interplay of raw, natural materials and subtle Japanese-inspired touches, VC Residence is a testament to the shared vision between the client and the design duo.

Gong’s House: Framing Serene Yongjia Vistas with Refined Design

Cozy open-plan living space with wooden beams, large windows, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Gong’s House, a captivating residential project designed by Various Associates, blends urban sophistication with the serene charm of rural Yongjia, China. Prioritizing functionality and comfort, this 2024 house offers a harmonious gathering space for the multigenerational Gong family, seamlessly integrating the modern lifestyle with the tranquil natural environment.

Featuring innovative herbal brick construction and thoughtful spatial planning, Gong’s House exemplifies how contemporary design can celebrate the essence of traditional Jiangnan architecture.