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Forkid’s Club: Revolutionizing Family Time in Shenzhen, China

Vibrant, organic-inspired interior design with curved shapes, lighting, and greenery.

Discover Forkid’s Club in Shenzhen, China, designed in 2022 by PANORAMA Design Group. This amusement park, dubbed the “Valley of Dreams,” blends play, learning, dining, and socializing into an immersive experience. With its innovative three-level design featuring curves and vibrant colors, it aims to offer kids and parents a memorable escape from city life. Explore zones themed around the seasons, each offering unique activities and sensory experiences.

B67: Inside Barcelona’s Latest Luxurious Apartment Building

Neutral-toned contemporary living space with exposed wooden beams and modern furniture.

Discover B67, a visionary apartment building project in Barcelona, Spain, redesigned by Nook Architects. This transformation focuses on enhancing street-level interactions, restoring first-floor terraces, and reviving original external views. By intertwining functional living spaces with the architectural heritage, B67 redefines modern urban living in the vibrant 22@ district.

Brutalist Duplex Apartment: A Revival by Studio Okami

Modern interior with concrete walls, a spiral staircase, and minimalist furniture.

Discover Studio Okami‘s exquisite transformation of a duplex apartment, nestled in Antwerp, Belgium’s iconic Riverside Tower. This 2021 project reimagines brutalist design, blending rough concrete textures with a soft peach palette, creating a single-bedroom loft that doubles as an art showcase. Every detail, from the bespoke kitchen island to the pivot windows, harmonizes form with function, offering a unique living space that’s both a home and a canvas for creativity.