Forkid’s Club: Revolutionizing Family Time in Shenzhen, China

Discover Forkid’s Club in Shenzhen, China, designed in 2022 by PANORAMA Design Group. This amusement park, dubbed the “Valley of Dreams,” blends play, learning, dining, and socializing into an immersive experience. With its innovative three-level design featuring curves and vibrant colors, it aims to offer kids and parents a memorable escape from city life. Explore zones themed around the seasons, each offering unique activities and sensory experiences.

Vibrant, organic-inspired interior design with curved shapes, lighting, and greenery.
Stunning architectural details with a modern, organic design and captivating lighting.
Vibrant, organic-inspired interior with whimsical furniture, lighting, and playful elements.
A vibrant, undulating ceiling with a netted, wave-like structure and circular lighting elements, creating a visually striking and playful interior design.
Vibrant yellow tunnel-like passageway with layered curved arches and seating elements.
A spacious, futuristic-looking room with a dazzling star-filled ceiling and whimsical decor.
Whimsical, curved archways frame a modern, well-lit bathroom with double sinks.

About Forkid’s Club

Imaginative Spaces for Family Bonds

Forkid’s Club, created by PANORAMA Design Group in 2022, stands as a sanctuary from the bustling city of Shenzhen, China. This amusement park, nestled in Nanshan Park, is more than a place; it’s an adventure into the “Valley of Dreams.” Parents and children find themselves in a multidimensional world designed to inspire, educate, and entertain. With mezzanine levels adding verticality, the space encourages exploration and imagination.

A Journey Through Seasons

The club’s layout unfolds in zones, each representing a season and bringing to life a unique set of experiences. The Spring Valley zone greets families with lush greenery and communal areas, fostering social bonds over café delights. Here, a towering tree-like structure grants kids a bird’s-eye view of this verdant paradise. Transition to Summer Beach, where a vibrant yellow dominates, offering a multi-tactile playground of sand, ropes, and bouncing balls. Autumn Leaf, in vivid orange, introduces an anti-gravity arena with trampolines and hideaways. Finally, the Winter Cave zone, draped in soothing grays, merges digital art and physical space, providing a tranquil corner for creativity and learning.

Design that Engages and Delights

This project breaks away from traditional design constraints, employing curves and abstract landscapes to stitch together the park’s diverse sections seamlessly. The manipulation of color, shape, and material induces a journey through a metaphorical valley that changes with the seasons. The overall design, from the convex mirrored ceiling to the custom 3D characters dotted around, creates a cohesive narrative that both kids and adults can immerse themselves in. Interactive elements, including digital projections, enrich the sensory experience, making every visit unforgettable.

Forkid’s Club stands as a testament to thoughtful, child-centric design. It blurs the lines between education, play, and art, making every corner an opportunity to learn and have fun. Beyond merely an amusement park, it’s a vibrant community space where families can reconnect and create lasting memories.

Photography courtesy of PANORAMA Design Group
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- by Matt Watts