Pediatrician’s Office: How Color & Wood Shapes Child-Friendly Clinics

Discover the Pediatrician’s Office in Ioannina, Greece, a clinic unlike any other, designed by studiomateriality in 2022. This healthcare space pairs natural wood with rainbow motifs, creating a vibrant, welcoming environment for children and adolescents. Here, every design element—from the geometric shapes to empowering wall messages—ensures a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for all its young visitors.

A vibrant, whimsical interior with bold geometric patterns, color-blocking, and playful furniture.
Vibrant, geometric patterns and colors create a playful, whimsical interior design.
Vibrant geometric shapes, colors, and textures create a visually engaging children's space.
Modern, colorful interior with vibrant yellow desk, rainbow mural, and playful furniture.
Vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and modern architectural elements create a striking interior.
Vibrant, colorful interior design in a children's playroom with geometric shapes and playful accents.
Vibrant, geometric-inspired interior design featuring colorful cabinetry and modern accents.
Vibrant modern office space with colorful geometric shapes, desk, and seating.
Vibrant, modern interior with colorful geometric shapes, shelves, and glass desk.
Minimalist kitchenette with striking red cabinetry, black countertop, and built-in microwave.

About Pediatrician’s Office

A Welcoming Embrace: The Art of Pediatric Design

Nestled in the heart of Ioannina, Greece, the Pediatrician’s Office designed by studiomateriality invites families into a world where healthcare and imaginative design converge. Designed in 2022, this clinic transcends traditional medical spaces, crafting an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance.

Step Inside: A Visual Symphony

As visitors step through the doors, they’re greeted by a vibrant waiting area that sets an uplifting tone. Wooden accents harmonize with bright hues, and whimsical furniture pieces dot the room. Rainbow motifs sweep across the walls, pulling the eye through a prism of positivity. Here, messages like “yes to who we are” empower young minds, signaling a safe haven where children can be themselves.

A Journey Through Color and Light

Moving through the clinic, each room becomes a chapter in a storybook of shapes and shades. From the sunny yellows of the examination rooms to the inspiring wall art beckoning “show your true colours,” each detail is a thoughtful nod to the clinic’s mission. The common thread? A welcoming space for children and adolescents across all spectrums, where health and acceptance meet with open arms. The Pediatrician’s Office in Ioannina becomes more than a clinic—it’s a testament to the art of healing through design.

Photography by Antonis Sarris
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- by Matt Watts