Showroom Byssine: Where Czech Craftsmanship Meets Global Beauty

Discover Showroom Byssine, designed by Tomas Kotrc in 2023, a new showroom in Prague, Czech Republic, blending Italian-inspired interiors with local craftsmanship. Showcasing an eclectic mix of period and custom furniture, this showroom offers a unique backdrop for a diverse range of beauty products, focusing on quality and character over contemporary trends.

Sleek, modern bar design with wooden accents, red shelving, and curved overhead lighting.
The room features a modern, minimalist design with a large, curved light fixture and sleek, red-accented shelving displaying various products.
Striking interior design featuring circular pendant lights, vibrant colors, and custom wood furniture.
A modern interior design with a striking purple and gold geometric mural, a wooden counter, and recessed shelving.
A modern bathroom with a circular mirror, shelves, and a statement blue curtain.
A modern bathroom vanity with a marble sink and a round mirror set against a green wall.
Ornate, angular ceiling with geometric tiled walls, wooden floor, and modern bathroom fixtures.
Striking geometric arches with bold red and gold accents, complementing the modern furniture.

About Showroom Byssine

A Masterpiece of Design and Craftsmanship

Showroom Byssine, nestled in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic, emerges as a testament to timeless design and craftsmanship. Designed in 2023 by Tomas Kotrc, this showroom stands as a beacon for the beauty industry, transforming the traditional concept of a brick-and-mortar store into an immersive retail experience. Spanning a cozy floor plan, Byssine offers a captivating journey through meticulously designed spaces, each tailored to showcase a global selection of body care rituals.

A Fusion of Period Elegance and Modern Craft

Drawing inspiration from classic Italian interiors, the showroom is a symphony of period furniture harmoniously paired with tailor-made pieces from local artisans. Rejecting the allure of first-class luxury and contemporary trends, Byssine prioritizes authenticity, quality, and a distinctly unique character. The result is a diverse array of exhibition areas, each with its own narrative, set against a backdrop that enhances the individuality of every product line.

Innovative Use of Space and Material

Amidst the showroom, a concrete column—an artifact of the building’s extension—becomes a pivotal design element. Draped in textiles, this column not only divides the space but guides visitors towards the heart of the showroom under the glow of hand-stitched paper chandeliers. Here, a restored marriage desk accented with brass details anchors the room, flanked by a pharmacy-inspired cabinet lined with mirrored and brass shelves. This thoughtful interplay of materials extends to a lapidary basin and geometrically arranged shelves, culminating in a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Adjacent rooms maintain this narrative, with spaces dedicated to consultations and administrative tasks, separated by a transparent sliding brass grille. The addition of a gray amoeba-shaped table and a cabinet wall adorned with a painting that bridges the gap between mental and physical beauty, further encapsulates the showroom’s ethos. Solitary pieces of refurbished seating furniture dot the showroom, each with a story, enhancing the overall ambiance.

A Lighting Scheme That Accentuates

The lighting, a programmable marvel, consists of suspended reflector strips that circle the showroom, complemented by LED-lit display shelves and individual lamps. This layered lighting strategy not only highlights the products but also contributes to the showroom’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

Byssine Showroom is not just a space but an experience, designed meticulously to elevate each visit into a journey through the realms of beauty, design, and craftsmanship.

Photography by Filip Šlapal
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- by Matt Watts