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Forest Cabin: A Modern Escape in Prague’s Natural Landscape

Contemporary A-frame house with contrasting siding and open patio.

Discover Forest Cabin, a serene retreat designed by Archicraft in Prague, Czech Republic. This 2023 project transforms traditional cabin living, offering a cozy escape surrounded by nature. Through the use of sustainable materials and innovative design, this cabin epitomizes modern comfort and environmental harmony, perfect for those seeking peace away from city life.

Antonínská Apartment: Modernity Meets Heritage

Antonínská Apartment: Modernity Meets Heritage

Delve into the heart of Prague where the Antonínská Apartment, a masterpiece of modern design by Markéta Bromová Architekti, breathes new life into a functionalist structure. This 1345 sq ft (125 m²) gem, nestled within Eugen Rosenberg’s architectural marvel, marries the apartment’s historic charm with cutting-edge adaptations.

From the seamless integration of living spaces to the exquisite “space” quartzite kitchen island, discover how luxury and heritage converge in this Czech republic haven.

In a Row: A Terraced House with a Modern Twist

FeaturedModern living room with fireplace, bookshelf, and dining area.

Reviving a classic terraced house near Prague’s airport, Noarchitects transforms In a Row into a modern family sanctuary. With extensive renovations from the ground up, this three-storey home blends 21st-century infrastructure with innovative design, turning everyday living into an endless holiday.

Discover how strategic architecture and interior adjustments brighten spaces and connect the household like never before.

Family Villa in Klánovice: A Cozy Redesign

Modern kitchen with dining area, wooden cabinets, and pendant lights.

The Family Villa in Klánovice, Prague, stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design by Kurz Architects. Embracing a contemporary, Scandinavian aesthetic, this renovation journey transformed a custom-built residence into a sanctuary of coziness and warmth.

With a focus on harmonious color schemes, meticulously chosen materials, and custom-built features like a green roof for optimal thermoregulation, the villa evolves into a space where every corner reflects both reason and heart.

Functionalist Apartment: Merging 1930s Charm with Modern Design

Modern living room with exposed concrete ceiling and bookshelf wall.

Step into the Functionalist Apartment, where Prague’s historic allure meets Martin Cenek‘s contemporary vision. Nestled in the heart of New Town, this 1930s tenement house transforms under Cenek’s guidance, blending industrial elegance with timeless architecture.

Witness a space where every corner tells a story of past and present, artfully intertwining to redefine modern living.

Open Apartment in Prague: 1960s Space Reimagined by Artvibe

Modern living room with built-in shelves, herringbone floor, and minimalistic

Transforming a 1960s prefab panel apartment in Prague, Artvibe Architecture redefines space with their Open Apartment project. This rejuvenated dwelling combines natural materials and smart design, offering a young client a light-filled, modern home.

Custom sliding doors, herringbone-patterned oak floors, and bespoke furniture maximize space without sacrificing style. Witness a communist-era relic reborn as a contemporary haven, highlighting a symphony of colors, textures, and light.

Ovenecká 33: Blend of Old and New in Prague

Ovenecká 33: Blend of Old and New in Prague

In Prague, Czech Republic, an emblematic apartment known as Ovenecká 33 emerges, bearing the minimalist and industrial touch of SObjektor.

This residence, designed in 2023, evokes both nostalgia and novelty, blending distinctive spaces with hidden secrets. Driven by an ambition to intertwine boundaries and play with stylistic elements, this apartment is not just a home, but a dynamic canvas that resonates with the charm of the historic city around it.

Fibonacci: Reviving Prague’s Historic Jabloňka Winery with Marco Maio

Fibonacci: Reviving Prague’s Historic Jabloňka Winery with Marco Maio

In the heart of Prague, where the Vltava River gently winds, sits the classicist château Jabloňka—a testament to the city’s vinicultural legacy. Designed by Marco Maio Architects in 2022, this stone winery in Troja boasts terraced vineyards that offer panoramic views of Prague, the famed “city of wine”. Now known as Fibonacci, the property’s meticulous restoration captures the romantic essence of its storied past, blending seamlessly with innovative designs like the serene Fibonacci Spiral patio—a haven amidst urban cacophony.