Headspace Santa Monica Campus: A New Approach to Modern Workspaces

At the heart of Santa Monica, United States, Montalba Architects has reimagined a 20,000 square foot (1,858 square meters) industrial site into the Headspace Santa Monica Campus, a state-of-the-art restaurant designed in 2019. This architectural marvel seamlessly integrates group and individual spaces, embodying Headspace’s mission of mindfulness and meditation through its sophisticated, neutral palette and incorporation of natural elements like an outdoor garden and light filtration to foster a peaceful working environment.

The image shows a modern building with a prominent wooden staircase, surrounded by trees and red sculptural elements.
Modern open-concept workspace with hanging pipes, colorful artwork, and casual seating.
Bright, spacious interior with wood paneling, potted plants, and sitting areas.
Spacious modern office with high ceilings, glass walls, and minimalist furnishings.
Minimalist, modern interior with clean lines, wood paneling, and a grand staircase.
Bright, modern workspace with glass walls, greenery, and minimalist furnishings.
Sleek, minimalist kitchen with exposed ceiling beams, white cabinetry, and pendant lights.
Modern, open-concept office space with minimalist furniture, lighting, and plants.
Modern architectural design with white roofline, glass walls, and comfortable patio seating.

About Headspace Santa Monica Campus

Innovative Design Meets Mindfulness at Headspace Santa Monica Campus

Nestled in Santa Monica, the Headspace Campus, conceptualized by Montalba Architects in 2019, revolutionizes modern workspace design. This 20,000 square feet (1,858 square meters) office, situated in an erstwhile industrial locale, serves Headspace’s expanding needs while encapsulating the company’s essence—mindfulness and meditation.

The design journey begins with transforming an old patio into a verdant, outdoor haven. This green space, woven through the office, culminates in a serene courtyard on the second floor. Here, the seamless integration of exterior and interior realms ushers in natural light and a breath of fresh air into the work environment. Such a layout not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also bolsters the well-being of the employees.

A notable feature is the open-air enclosure that acts as a visual and spiritual lift, distinctively melding group and personal spaces without compromising the core value of solitude. The essence of the outdoors is brought inside with strategic design elements like bi-fold doors and a lightwell courtyard, enriching the Headspace experience.

Materiality and Functionality in Harmony

Functionality marries aesthetics with the stairway that doubles as an innovative workspace, morphing into a large stadium seating for various company events. This multipurpose area is equipped with a media screen and a flexible lighting setup to suit different occasions, from meditation sessions to all-hands meetings.

In keeping with the Headspace brand’s philosophy, the space is dotted with standalone meditation pods and quiet zones, offering employees secluded spots for contemplation and rejuvenation. This thoughtful allocation of meditation areas underscores the brand’s commitment to fostering a culture of mindfulness.

The choice of materials and colors plays a pivotal role in the narrative of the Headspace Santa Monica Campus. A sophisticated, neutral color scheme ensures a calm and collected ambience, providing a canvas for the vibrant Headspace AV graphics, furniture, and murals to inject vivacity and character into the space.

Through ingenious design and meticulous planning, Montalba Architects have crafted an office that not only serves its functional purpose but also stands as a physical embodiment of the Headspace ethos. The Headspace Santa Monica Campus emerges as a beacon of modern design, where architecture and mindfulness harmoniously intersect.

Photography by Kevin Scott
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- by Matt Watts