Uetikon: Zurich’s Finest Modern Home by PPAA Arquitectos

Discover Uetikon, a house designed by PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados in 2023, located in Zurich, Switzerland. This modern residence highlights a fusion of sleek architecture and natural beauty, optimizing panoramic views and natural light to merge indoor comfort with the lush outdoors.

A modern, rectangular building with large windows and a lush, landscaped garden in the foreground.
A modern living space with large windows overlooking a scenic landscape, featuring a fireplace and comfortable seating arrangements.
Expansive windows frame a scenic lakeside view, complemented by a minimalist, contemporary design.
Spacious modern interior with large windows, minimalist furniture, and concrete ceiling.
Minimalist room with white walls, concrete ceiling, and large window overlooking a seating area.
Large glass windows frame a minimalist dining area with sleek black chairs and a modern table.
A modern kitchen with a large window offering a serene forest view, featuring clean lines and minimalist design.
Modern minimalist interior with concrete ceiling, wood floors, and abstract wall art.
Stunning modern bedroom with panoramic windows overlooking a serene landscape.
Contemporary home with clean lines, large windows, and a dog lounging on the lawn.
Contemporary two-story house with large windows, clean lines, and minimalist design.
A modern, wooden-clad building with a large tree and a paved walkway outside.

About Uetikon

Introducing Uetikon: A Swiss Marvel

Uetikon, designed in 2023 by PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados, is an architectural gem in Zurich, Switzerland. This house, a perfect alchemy of design and nature, provides a living narrative that embraces the Swiss tranquility. Its exterior presents a sleek, modern facade that whispers of luxury while respecting its environment.

Bringing the Outdoors In: Uetikon Lives Its Panoramic Allure

Step inside to find a spacious living room adorned with wall-to-wall glazing, a testament to the architect’s intent to lure in light and landscape. Here, the boundary between inside and outside blurs, allowing inhabitants to bask in unfettered views of the reflective water mirror and lake beyond. Transitioning to the dining area, the spatial design choice becomes evident: a place not just for meals, but for feasting on the splendor of the outdoors.

Uetikon’s Heart: A Culinary Viewpoint

In a smooth segue, the narrative leads to a minimalistic kitchen where functionality meets form. Even as one prepares cuisine, the eyes are invited to dance across serene lake vistas, turning the mundane into magic. The kitchen space champions simplicity and clean lines, reflecting a modern sensibility that’s as much about aesthetics as utility.

Ascending the staircase ushers you to the private quarters, where the bedrooms are carefully oriented to affirm the home’s harmony with nature. Wake up in these serene spaces, where the dawn greets with panoramic splendor, framed by Uetikon’s thoughtful architecture.

Uetikon isn’t just a home; it’s a living experience meshing structure with scenery, casting a tranquil luxury that’s unmistakably Swiss. With each space flowing into the next, PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados have crafted not just a house, but a horizon of tranquility, set amidst Zurich’s verdant scenery.

Photography by Rafael Gamo
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- by Matt Watts