A Refined Eixample Apartment Redefinition: Modern Meets Classic

Venture into the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district with the A Refined Eixample Apartment Redefinition. This 2022 project by Marta Castellano infuses a traditional space with modern aesthetics, showcasing the elegant interplay of natural light and serene tones throughout its luxurious interiors. Discover an apartment that beautifully integrates contemporary design elements with a classic architectural backbone, making every corner a testament to sophisticated urban living.

Spacious, minimalist living room with large framed artwork, black sofa, and glass coffee table.
Elegant dining room with ornate chandeliers, patterned tile floor, and modern furnishings.
Elegant dining room with ornate chandeliers, patterned tile floor, and sleek black cabinetry.
Dramatic black kitchen with patterned tile floors, hidden storage, and modern appliances.
Sleek, modern kitchen design with black cabinets, white countertops, and minimalist appliances.
A cozy balcony with rustic brick walls, intricate tile flooring, and a wicker armchair.
Elegant bedroom with ornate ceiling, draped canopy bed, and large windows overlooking a balcony.
Well-designed modern bathroom vanity with a sleek mirror and striking vertical light fixture.

About A Refined Eixample Apartment Redefinition

Timeless Elegance in the Eixample District

Nestled within Barcelona’s iconic Eixample neighborhood, Marta Castellano’s 2022 redesign reimagines a classic dwelling. Each image unfolds the tale of a home where natural light is the protagonist, casting an entrancing spell across white walls and natural tones. This visual narration transports us from the bustling streets of the storied quarter to a quietude only the sophisticated can truly savor.

An Interior Symphony of Light and Texture

Enter the living area, where a plush, dark sofa offsets the pristine walls, and a large black-and-white photograph commands attention. Delicate blooms complement the setting, exuding simplicity. Gliding into the dining space, contemporary chairs circle an inviting table, unified under the warm glow of elegant chandeliers. Harmonious colors echo the Eixample’s historic tiles beneath, anchoring modernity in heritage.

Fluidly, the dining area transitions into a modern kitchen—its bold, black cabinetry whispers sophistication while concealing state-of-the-art Smeg appliances. The sleek marble backsplash reflects a cautious blend of luxury and utility, while natural light emboldens the space, revealing meticulous attention to detail. This choreographed contrast between the black hues and bright natural light bespeaks Castellano’s articulate design philosophy.

Retreats of Solace and Serenity

Beyond the kitchen, a balcony draped in greenery offers a serene urban oasis. Earthy bricks meet traditional tiling, crafting a narrative of repose amidst the urban rhythm. Subsequently, the bedroom presents a canopy of sheer curtains, promising restful slumbers within its tranquil white palette. Gossamer fabrics whisper tales of grace and fluidity, inviting dwellers to a serene escape.

Finally, the journey concludes in a bathroom shrouded in inky tones, where a circular mirror fluently converses with the verticality of a chic luminaire. As the final image of our tour, it epitomizes the apartment’s transformation—from a classic Eixample residence to a beacon of contemporary elegance where Barcelona’s soul intertwines with modern day luxuries. As the door closes on this pictorial voyage, the essence of ‘A Refined Eixample Apartment Redefinition’ reverberates, promising to leave an indelible mark on all who encounter its beauty.

Photography by Davide Pellegrini
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- by Matt Watts