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A Refined Eixample Apartment Redefinition: Modern Meets Classic

Elegant dining room with ornate chandeliers, patterned tile floor, and sleek black cabinetry.

Venture into the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district with the A Refined Eixample Apartment Redefinition. This 2022 project by Marta Castellano infuses a traditional space with modern aesthetics, showcasing the elegant interplay of natural light and serene tones throughout its luxurious interiors. Discover an apartment that beautifully integrates contemporary design elements with a classic architectural backbone, making every corner a testament to sophisticated urban living.

Luxury Prefabricated House: Inside Madrid’s Oasis of Sophistication

FeaturedModern single-story home with clean lines, glass walls, and a rectangular pool.

Explore the Luxury Prefabricated House in Madrid, Spain, designed by Casas inHAUS in 2024. This high-end modular home merges Mediterranean style with modern prefabrication, featuring a unique O-shaped layout across 275 sqm (2,960 sq ft). With three complete suites, a game room, and a captivating central courtyard, it blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art design within a two-story structure.

MJE House: Blending Luxury with Nature in Brazil’s Countryside

Modern single-story building with a striking orange and brown facade, surrounded by lush greenery.

Designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura in 2021, MJE House radiates innovative architectural splendor in Porto Feliz, Brazil. This elegantly designed house occupies a stunning landscape on a steep slope, with a focus on horizontal expansion that blends seamlessly with its surrounding nature. The residence’s unique two-block structure optimizes solar orientation while offering privacy and breathtaking views through its strategic placement and sophisticated design elements, including bespoke freijó wood panels.

Pride Rock: Inside the Design Philosophy of Mykonos’ Stunning Summer Home

Modern hillside villa with a pool overlooking the sea.

In the heart of Mykonos, Greece, the Pride Rock Villa by Mykonos Architects emerges as a pinnacle of modern luxury. Designed in 2023, this house combines Mediterranean simplicity with sophisticated engineering. It offers breathtaking views across three iconic beaches and towards distant islands, embodying a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Ideal for those seeking an unparalleled summer residence, Pride Rock sets a new standard in design and comfort.

Villa S: Alvisi Kirimoto’s Vision of Living Amidst the Sea

Contemporary stone house with large windows and flat roof.

Discover Villa S by Alvisi Kirimoto, a luxurious house nestled in the serene landscapes of Porto Rotondo, Italy. Designed in 2023, this architectural marvel blends tradition with modernity, offering breathtaking sea views and a seamless integration with nature. Experience the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design that make Villa S a true exemplar of contemporary living.