Apartment with a Deer: A Modern Alpine Haven in Špindlerův Mlýn

Explore the captivating hues and designs of “Apartment with a Deer,” located in Špindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic. Designed by Klára Valová in 2023, this modern apartment combines luxurious minimalism with alpine charm, creating a tranquil refuge perfect for relaxation and awe. Every detail reflects sophisticated interior design prowess, enriching the experience with every glance.

Rustic chalet interior with wood beams, gray sofas, and large black-and-white landscape art.
A modern rustic interior with wooden beams, a sleek fireplace, and minimalist furnishings.
Cozy yet spacious mountain chalet with rustic wooden beams, open floor plan, and panoramic views.
A modern, rustic kitchen with exposed wooden beams, dark cabinetry, and a stone island countertop.
Rustic dining area with wooden beams, black metal furnishings, and pendant lighting fixtures.
A cozy bedroom with a rustic wooden ceiling and a built-in bunk bed with storage drawers.
Cozy rustic bedroom with wooden walls, beams, and modern industrial lighting fixtures.
Cozy wooden cabin bedroom with rustic decor, mountain artwork, and recessed lighting.
Minimalist bathroom with wooden walls, sleek vanity, and contemporary lighting fixtures.
A modern and minimalist bathroom, featuring a sleek tub, vanity, and black-and-white color scheme.
A minimalist, high-contrast shower enclosure with a sleek black showerhead and tiled walls.

About Apartment with a Deer

A Modern Refuge in the Heart of Špindlerův Mlýn

Nestled in the serene ski town of Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic, “Apartment with a Deer,” designed by Klára Valová in 2023, emerges as a beacon of contemporary design amidst the natural splendor.

Step inside this recently crafted apartment to discover a masterclass in modern alpine aesthetics. The living area, awash in natural light, boasts an L-shaped couch that invites relaxation and contemplation of the mountainous murals. Meanwhile, elegant black accents ground the space, providing a sophisticated juxtaposition to the light wood tones.

Transitioning from the plush living room, the dining area interweaves comfort with a stylish, convivial atmosphere. Here, a robust wooden table resonates with the exposed beams overhead, creating a harmonious unity. Punctuated with sleek dining chairs, the space is ready for lively dinner parties or quiet family meals.

Culinary Excellence in a Rustic Setting

The kitchen, a testament to modern design, is marked by bold, stone-like surfaces that both astonish and invite. A centerpiece island with bar seating seamlessly blends functionality with informal dining, encouraging guests to engage with the culinary arts in a communal spirit.

Further exploration leads to a bespoke bunk-style sleeping area, maximizing space with clever, crisp white storage solutions. This inventive use of volume is a testament to thoughtful design tailored to the diverse needs of residents and guests alike.

Escapes of Comfort and Style

In the private realm of the bedroom, luxury meets tranquility. A minimalistic approach ensures that the focus remains on the restorative experience of repose, with textures and materials that whisper luxury. Large windows introduce the calming presence of the exterior landscape, bridging the gap between indoors and out.

The adjacent bathroom is a chorus of refined elegance and practical design. Clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme echo the apartment’s modernist influences, while the juxtaposition of wood and stone textures adds a layer of organic warmth.

Lastly, the apartment’s sleek shower area encapsulates a sanctuary for rejuvenation, where one can unwind in the embrace of water, emerging refreshed for the adventures that lie beyond the door.

Valová’s “Apartment with a Deer” is not just a testament to modern living, but a harmonious blend of style and serenity, reflecting the peaceful essence of Špindlerův Mlýn. Each room, a passage to an elevated living experience, showcases just how enchanting modern design can be when it’s in dialogue with nature.

Photography courtesy of Klára Valová
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- by Matt Watts