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CH2404: Redefining Modern Living Spaces in Taipei

Modern, minimalist living room with sleek furniture, pendant lights, and wood floors.

Discover CH2404, a pinnacle of modern apartment design in Taipei, Taiwan, crafted by C.H. Interior. This property exemplifies contemporary elegance, integrating seamless functionality within its spacious interiors. Light floods the open-plan living spaces, punctuated by sleek, minimalist decor and top-notch amenities that promise both comfort and luxury. Ideal for those who appreciate refined urban living with a serene, stylish backdrop.

Wilhelmina Chapel Transformation: Inside Maarssen’s Historical Home

FeaturedBright, airy space with arched window, wooden beams, and modern furnishings.

Discover the Wilhelmina Chapel Transformation, a project by Taanbaas in Maarssen, Netherlands. Once a historical chapel from 1901, it’s now a luxurious house that seamlessly integrates its original character with cutting-edge design. This unique residence showcases a bold removal of the ceiling to reveal wooden structures, a modern central block for essential facilities, and a garden-connecting rear façade.

House of K: Where Minimalism Meets Herzliya’s Vibrancy

Minimalist living room with dining area, light wooden floors, and modern furniture.

Discover the epitome of modern living in Herzliya, Israel, with the House of K. Designed in 2021 by Sharon Kenett, this house blurs the lines between spaces, bringing to life a minimalist aesthetic grounded in natural light and functional beauty. From the seamless flow of its open-concept living areas to the private tranquility of its bedrooms, House of K showcases a commitment to contemporary design and understated luxury.

Overlooking the Sea: A Luxurious Penthouse in Ashdod

Modern minimalist living room with gray sectional sofa, wooden floors, and sheer curtains.

Discover “Overlooking the Sea,” a luxurious 300 sqm penthouse in Ashdod, Israel, designed by Marina Rechter-Rubinshtein. This opulent apartment is built for a modern family, featuring a spacious balcony, pool, and bespoke interior spaces including a gym, office, and walk-in closet.

Experience unparalleled design, where functionality meets elegance in a stunning coastal setting.

Rod House: Blending Minimalist Charm with Sarti’s Serenity

FeaturedContemporary open-plan living space with minimalist decor and large windows.

Embark on a journey through the Rod House, designed by Spyros Stefopoulos, in the tranquil Sarti, Greece. This house epitomizes modern elegance with its minimalist design, open spaces, and seamless integration with nature. Spyros Stefopoulos has masterfully created a space where light, architecture, and comfort converge to offer a unique living experience.