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Darlington Residence: Revamping a Sydney Terrace for Modern Life

Sleek, modern interior with minimalist furniture, open layout, and natural elements.

Located in Darlington, Australia, the Darlington Residence, designed by David Parsons Architect in 2022, redefines the concept of terrace house living. This project transforms a classic Sydney home into a modern, multifunctional space. The redesign emphasizes enhanced connectivity with nature through a ground-level kitchen opening to the garden and an innovative, light-filled second story, maintaining the intimacy and classic charm of its original structure.

A Refined Eixample Apartment Redefinition: Modern Meets Classic

Elegant dining room with ornate chandeliers, patterned tile floor, and sleek black cabinetry.

Venture into the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district with the A Refined Eixample Apartment Redefinition. This 2022 project by Marta Castellano infuses a traditional space with modern aesthetics, showcasing the elegant interplay of natural light and serene tones throughout its luxurious interiors. Discover an apartment that beautifully integrates contemporary design elements with a classic architectural backbone, making every corner a testament to sophisticated urban living.

Casa Shirocco: A Look Inside Ruffano’s Cozy Townhouse

Elegant modern kitchen and dining area with arched stone walls and contemporary furnishings.

Wrapped in the historical ambiance of Ruffano, Italy, Casa Shirocco, designed by Velz: Architetti, is a manifestation of serene living and simplistic elegance. This house embodies a blend of ancient charm and modern design principles. Velz: Architetti‘s intervention breathes new life into this traditional townhouse, making it a haven of light, space, and tranquility, while maintaining its historical essence.

MJE House: Blending Luxury with Nature in Brazil’s Countryside

Modern single-story building with a striking orange and brown facade, surrounded by lush greenery.

Designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura in 2021, MJE House radiates innovative architectural splendor in Porto Feliz, Brazil. This elegantly designed house occupies a stunning landscape on a steep slope, with a focus on horizontal expansion that blends seamlessly with its surrounding nature. The residence’s unique two-block structure optimizes solar orientation while offering privacy and breathtaking views through its strategic placement and sophisticated design elements, including bespoke freijó wood panels.

Urban Metamorphosis: A Loft Where Industrial Meets Mediterranean

FeaturedInviting lounge space with lush greenery, modern furniture, and earthy, textured accents.

Stepping into Urban Metamorphosis, designed by Brengues Le Pavec, unveils a loft that’s a symbiosis of industrial heritage and Mediterranean vivacity, nestled in Montpellier, France. This architectural marvel redefines loft living, blending the robustness of its original metal structure with the serenity of nature through its unique courtyards or “patios”. The design, conceived in 2024, captivates with its ingenious use of space, natural light, and integration of greenery, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

Monochrome Apartment: Transforming Spaces in Moscow’s Heart

FeaturedElegant living room with recessed lighting, modern furnishings, and French doors leading to a balcony.

Discover the Monochrome Apartment in Moscow, a 120 square meter (1291 square feet) haven of modern, timeless design. Dreamt up for a young couple and brought to life by Alisa Shabelnikova, this space combines practicality with vision. From the bright living areas accented by large windows to the cohesive flow between rooms, every detail reflects careful planning. The use of warm whites against dark walnut furnishings accentuates the apartment’s airy feel, making it a standout in contemporary interior design.