Beach Sky Villa: Maximizing Sea Views and Natural Light in Royan

Vahid Joudi Studio‘s “Beach Sky Villa” in Royan, Iran, offers a tranquil coastal retreat designed to seamlessly integrate with its breathtaking natural surroundings. This modern house, completed in 2024, presents a harmonious dialogue between the built environment and the Caspian Sea landscape, catering to a middle-aged couple’s desire for a rejuvenating vacation home.

Modern, minimalist building with clean lines, large windows, and lush greenery surrounding it.
A sleek, modern two-story home with large windows and a rectangular pool.
Modern open-plan living space with sleek staircase, large window, and pool view.
Spacious modern living room with sleek grey furniture, a large TV, and a skylight above.
Sleek, modern interior with minimalist staircase, wall-to-wall windows, and a swimming pool visible.
Sleek modern kitchen with minimalist black cabinetry, central island, and pop of red stools.
Minimalist design with clean lines, contrasting black and white, and a skylight creating an airy ambiance.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with black marble tiles, a white tub, and a sleek shower.
Modern architectural design with a rectangular pool, white walls, and palm trees.
Sleek, modern architecture with a minimalist pool and large windows reflecting the sky.
Two tall palm trees stand against a bright blue sky, framing a modern white building with clean architectural lines.
Modern white building with clean, geometric lines and minimal landscaping surrounding it.
A modern, minimalist residential building with clean lines, large windows, and a stone retaining wall.

About Beach Sky Villa

Located along the Caspian Sea’s southern shores, the Beach Sky Villa emerges as a harmonious blend of architecture and nature. Designed by Vahid Joudi Studio in 2024, this captivating abode caters to the desires of a middle-aged couple seeking a tranquil retreat.

Harmonizing with the Landscape

The villa’s design posed a dual challenge: to seamlessly integrate with the existing semi-dense villa texture of the neighborhood and to foster a dynamic dialogue between the structure, its occupants, and the surrounding geography. The architects meticulously addressed these considerations, ensuring the building’s seamless integration with its spatial approaches.

Embracing the Sky and Sea

Driven by the residents’ yearning to escape the urban environment and reconnect with nature, the design process centered on creating a spatial scenario that would enhance the interconnectedness of internal spaces, spark a sense of curiosity, and maximize communication with the stunning natural surroundings. Notably, the incorporation of a central void within the villa became a pivotal design element, facilitating vertical and horizontal interactions while introducing the captivating presence of the sky.

Harnessing Natural Light

Strategically positioned on the southern side of the land, the villa’s central void plays a crucial role in channeling natural light into the depth of the plan, adhering to local regulations and ensuring access to the primary southern exposure. This thoughtful design decision not only enhances the villa’s luminosity but also strengthens the connection between the built environment and the natural world.

Blending with the Regional Texture

Considering the heterogeneous forms and colors prevalent in the region, the architects have skillfully utilized the geometric potential of integrated surfaces and the dominant white color to balance the overall texture. This approach seamlessly integrates the Beach Sky Villa into the existing architectural landscape, creating a harmonious and visually striking presence.

Overall, the Beach Sky Villa stands as a remarkable example of architecture that thoughtfully responds to its coastal context, prioritizing the interplay between the built environment and the natural world. Through its innovative design, the villa offers its residents a unique and captivating retreat, where the embrace of sky and sea creates a truly exceptional living experience.

Photography courtesy of Vahid Joudi Studio
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- by Matt Watts